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Iran sets guaranteed prices for wheat


Under the framework of the “Wheat Project”, the national procurement programme led by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Government announced the guaranteed prices at which it will purchase wheat from farmers from the 2019 harvest (GIEWS Country Brief). The procurement prices for this year’s purchasing season of common wheat will be of IRR 17 000 per kg (equivalent to USD 405 per tonne, up from IRR 13 000 in 2018) and of durum wheat will be of IRR 17 700 per kg (equivalent to USD 420 per tonne, up from IRR 13 300 in 2018). The Government intends to purchase about 10 million tonnes of the 2019 wheat harvest, while in 2018 the volume purchased was of 9.3 million tonnes. Wheat is the dominant cereal crop in the country, accounting for almost 70 percent of the aggregate cereal production, and its procurement is run every year by the Government to build up reserves and supply the market over time.

Country: Iran