China (mainland) sets 2021 low tariff import quotas


On 17 September 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) announced the 2021 low Tariff Rate Quotas (TRQ) for wheat, maize and rice. The TRQ was set at 9.6 million tonnes for wheat, of which 90 percent allocated to State-owned firms, at 7.2 million tonnes for maize, of which 60 percent to the State firms, and 5.3 million tonnes for rice, of which 50 percent to the State-owned firms. These volumes are at the same level as in the past years. The Government generally charges high import duties on agricultural products to protect farmers from cheaper imports. However, under its WTO commitments, it allows a certain amount of imports at lower duties. Under the TRQ system, import duties on wheat, maize and rice are at 1 percent, while outside the quotas, imports are subject to a 65 percent duty.

Country: China