Malawi raises selling price of maize grain


On 17 September 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture revised the price of maize grain that the Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (ADMARC), the Government’s parastatal that procures and distributes grain, pays to cooperatives and associations. The new price was increased to MWK 215 per kg, which is 7.5 percent higher than the previous level of MWK 200, set in early April 2020 (FPMA Food Policies). The recent increase comes amid relatively low market prices, following an above-average output this year (GIEWS Country Brief) and is intended to offset the high costs farmers incur to transport their produce to the ADMARC’s depots. ADMARC had originally planned to purchase 600 000 tonnes of maize for the current season, however, purchases were delayed due to financial constraints and by the end of July 2020 only 55 000 tonnes of maize were procured.

Country: Malawi