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Bilans régionaux

Afrique De L’est
In several countries of the subregion, prices of maize increased sharply in April after severe dry and hot weather conditions reduced production prospects for the 2019 harvests (GIEWS Special Alert). In Kenya, prices of maize surged in all monitored markets [...]
Afrique De L’ouest
Dans la plupart des pays de la sous-région, les prix des céréales secondaires sont restés stables ou ont commencé à augmenter en avril, conformément aux tendances saisonnières. Toutefois, le niveau satisfaisant des disponibilités intérieures dans l’ensemble de la sous-région a [...]
Afrique Australe
In most countries of the subregion, tight supplies and unfavourable weather conditions, which have severely dented production prospects, exacerbated the seasonal price increases of maize and kept them significantly higher on a yearly basis. However, in the largest subregional maize-producing [...]
Extrême-Orient (Asie)
In most countries of the subregion, prices of rice weakened or remained stable in April on account of good domestic availabilities. Prices strengthened only in exporter, Viet Nam, despite the ongoing 2019 main “winter/spring” harvest, due to a pick-up in [...]
CEI (Asie Et Europe)
In the exporting countries of the subregion, export prices of milling wheat declined in April following trends in the international markets and because of weak trade activity and the good outlook for the 2019 crops. Prices, however, remained higher than [...]
Amérique Centrale Et Caraïbes
Prices of white maize remained under upward pressure in April in line with seasonal trends, although increases were limited by near-average domestic supplies from the 2018/19 main and second season harvests. In Guatemala, prices of white maize increased slightly in [...]
Amérique Du Sud
In most countries of the subregion, prices of yellow maize declined seasonally in April, with the notable exception of Argentina, where, despite the ongoing harvest anticipated at a record level, prices strengthened. The increase was mainly due to large sales [...]