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Bilans régionaux

Afrique De L’est
Prices of coarse grains followed mixed trends in September across the subregion but were overall at high levels, well above those a year earlier, due to reduced harvests in several countries and to the strong depreciation of the local currencies [...]
Afrique Australe
Prices of maize continued to rise steeply in some countries in the past few months, pressured by the impact of weather-reduced 2019 harvests and consequently diminished domestic supplies, while in other countries prices remained generally unchanged. The sharpest price rises [...]
Asie de L’est
In most countries of the subregion, domestic prices of rice generally softened in September. In the main exporting countries, the price declines were mostly associated with a generally weak import demand. In Viet Nam, prices declined in September, pressured by [...]
CEI (Asie Et Europe)
In the exporting countries of the subregion, export prices of milling wheat in the Russian Federation and Ukraine decreased seasonally in September by more than 4 percent, marking the seventh consecutive monthly decline, although downward pressure was somewhat limited by [...]
Amérique Centrale Et Caraïbes
Prices of maize declined seasonally in September with harvesting of the 2019 main season maize crops currently underway and were overall down from the high levels a year earlier, which were instigated by strong input and production costs as well [...]
Amérique Du Sud
In the key producing countries of the subregion, prices of wheat increased in September following seasonal trends, while they remained broadly stable in importing countries. In Argentina, wholesale prices of wheat grain continued to increase in September, with seasonal pressure [...]
Dans la plupart des pays de la sous-région, les prix des céréales secondaires sont restés stables ou ont diminué en septembre, ce qui est atypique pour cette époque-ci de l'année, et se sont établis dans l'ensemble à des niveaux nettement [...]