Global Soil Partnership

New animation showing how our soils help to combat climate change

Member countries, non-governmental organizations, academic scholars, civil society groups and international organizations met in FAO headquarters from 22- 24 June.

New book on the importance of management of mountain soils

Member countries during the 39th FAO Conference unanimously endorsed the new World Soil Charter

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14 Sep 2015 - 18 Sep 2015, FAO HQ, Rome - Italy

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Latest event

22 Jun 2015 - 24 Jun 2015, FAO hq, Rome - Italy

European Commission supports GSP Implementation

Since its conception, the European Commission has been a major supporter for the establishment of the Global Soil Partnership, in line with the EU's Soil Thematic Strategy.  After extensive dialogue, a project proposal has been accepted in order to provide €1 million to the GSP for selected activities during 2014-2015.

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