Global Soil Partnership

Regional Soil Partnerships

Regional Soil Partnerships are being established among interested and active stakeholders. These RSPs will work in close coordination with FAO Regional Offices and will establish an interactive consultative process with national soils entities (soil survey institutions, soil management institutions, scientific soil societies, and soils scientists working in land resources, climate change and biodiversity institutions/programmes, etc), as well as with regional soil science societies and other relevant regional mechanisms under the various related conventions.

Preferably, Regional Soil Partnerships will build on existing regional networks or collaborative processes (e.g. African Network for Soil Biology and Fertility-AfNET), linking national and local networks, partners, projects and activities to ensure that the partnership process is country-driven.

The RSPs should provide guidance on regional goals/ priorities and the required implementation mechanisms and should regularly review progress in reaching common objectives and targets. In particular, RSPs should facilitate links with national and local soil management programs and activities with a view to strengthening work on soils and to develop synergies with other relevant  initiatives and activities.