The Forest and Landscape Restoration Mechanism

The FAO Forest and Landscape Restoration Mechanism (FLRM) aims to facilitate a process in selected countries that will support the enabling environment by strengthening institutional frameworks, organizational and technical capacity related to designing, planning and implementing large-scale FLR programmes.

This knowledge base provides access to a comprehensive database of resources related to forest and landscape restoration in a wide range of aspects. More specifically, it provides access to an online user-friendly platform where users can find guidance from planning and implementation to the ongoing management and monitoring of a restoration project.

This collection of publications from various types of organizations (international, regional/national, financial institutions, FAO teams/initiatives) is comprised so far of only monitoring-related resources (including tools, approaches and guidelines) under the "Monitoring and Evaluation" section. The remaining sections will progressively come online as they are completed.

FLR MONITORING - Resources to assess progress and success of restoration efforts. Monitoring is a way to know how well restoration projects and programmes are implemented, but also is referred to the physical evaluation of the forest and landscape to determine if the restoration efforts are succesful.

GOVERNANCE - Resources to diagnose, assess and monitor governance of FLR processes. Improving governance requires a systematic approach to identifying areas of weakness, devising and implementing suitable responses, monitoring results, continuing adaptation and learning to ensure progress.

LAND USE PLANNING - Resources to select and adapt land-use options which are most beneficial to land users without degrading the resources of the environment, together with the selection of measures most likely to encourage such land uses.

ASSESSMENT OF DEGRADATION / RESTORATION OPPORTUNITIES - Resources to explore degradation of forests and landscapes, assess its degree and seek restoration opportunities.

IMPLEMENTATION OF RESTORATION - Resources to help through the process of the implementation of forest and landscape restoration programmes or activities.

ECONOMIC & FINANCIAL ANALYSIS - Resources to support exploring financing opportunities for restoration, as well as approaches and methods for cost-beneflit analysis of restoration activities.

CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT AND EXTENSION - Collection of learning programmes, capacity building material, and links to insititutions that provide resources, courses and/or trainings on forest and landscape restoration.


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