Improved Pesticides and Chemicals Management in the Former Soviet Union

Social perspective

The project will include a social perspective component in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which require a holistic approach to development, based on three pillars: Environment, Economic and Social dimensions.

The project will look at address the social dimension by developing a set of activities which address the risks to, and the needs of, vulnerable social groups. These groups include women, children, migrant workers and immune suppressed populations.

The work will focus on raising awareness on the health impacts from pesticide use and exposure through a community based approach, to be implemented under the supervision of the Rotterdam Convention group based in FAO Rome. This will form part of the overall country level awareness strategy, which will have a specific focus on vulnerable groups.

This would be the first FAO project to include a specific component on social dimensions, and the lessons learnt will be used to refine the content of the activities to benefit other project and regions.