Improved Pesticides and Chemicals Management in the Former Soviet Union

The FAO GCP (Government Cooperative Programme) agreement was signed with Kyrgyzstan on 11 April 2012, with responsibility for implementation of the project assigned to the Ministry of Agriculture and Melioration.

The country Operational Manual (OM) sets the following priorities:

  • Construction of a –°entral Storage facility for management of safeguarded materials;
  • Safeguarding (repacking and transporting) of up to 500 tonnes of Obsolete Pesticides as listed in the confirmed inventory;
  • Assessment of gaps in legislation on waste and pesticide management, and to introduce necessary changes and modifications into existing National legislation on the proper life-cycle management of pesticides.
  • To improve the technical capacity of the Lab for identification the OPs and ensuring the capacity building of the specialists from Lab;  
  • Fencing of existing burial sites in Kyrgyzstan;
  • Country capacity building: training on repackaging of OP; training on pesticide life-cycle management for local territorial specialists of CPPD; workshop on modern methods of disposal/destruction of POPs and OPs; and training on management of empty containers of pesticides; training for toxicology laboratory specialists in new methods of laboratory research; and
  • Development of an awareness raising strategy related to life-cycle management of pesticides, to develop and disseminate information materials on life-cycle management of pesticides.