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Somalia: Late, erratic rainfall raises concerns about harvest prospects and food security
©FAO/Simon Maina
2 June 2014, Mogadishu/Rome-- FAO’s latest Global Information and Early Warning System (GIEWS) report says that late rains and erratic weather patterns in Somalia have raised concerns over a worsening food security situation in the country. Food stocks from the last harvest become are depleted and food prices continue to rise sharply. The report also highlights that these poor conditions are being exacerbated by conflict and inadequate funding.

Mario Zappacosta, an Economist with FAO in Rome, is one of the lead officers working on the Organization’s Global Information Early-Warning Systems reports. In the following interview he elaborates on the current state of food security in the country and whether the humanitarian aid being supplied to the country is sufficient.
4min. 11sec.
Topic(s): Emergencies/Crises, Food Security, Hunger & food insecurity, Interview
Produced by: Sandra Ferrari
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