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FAO celebrates World Radio Day 2015: Youth and Radio
13 February 2015, Rome--- Radio producers and listeners around the world are tuning in today for World Radio Day. For many, it’s a medium that is worth celebrating and remembering in an age of technological abundance. From its early days to today, Radio remains the most accessible medium for people, allowing many to stay connected and stay informed. This is especially true for those living in remote or rural communities around the world where it is often the only media that is available. And it’s in those communities where the impact of radio as a transformative medium can be heard loud and clear. This year’s theme is “Youth and Radio”.

Yannick De Mol is an FAO officer working on the Dimitra Project. Dimitra is a participatory information and communication project in Africa, which contributes to improving the visibility of rural populations. In the following interview explains how radio engages young audiences in rural communities and promotes agricultural development.
7min. 21sec.