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11 Dec 2017
Rome, 11 December 2017: With the signing of six agreements with FAO, the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG) has made a strong statement in support of the global goals to achieve sufficient and safe food for all, to promote sustainable agriculture and food systems, and to conserve and sustainably use natural resources. To achieve these goals, the initiatives covered by the agreements set out to increase responsible investments in agriculture, to control the introduction and spread of plant pests, to introduce sustainable soil management practices globally, and to maintain the diversity of and access to seeds*.  Switzerland has long been...
22 Nov 2017
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and FAO have announced a three-year Sustainable Agriculture for Economic Resiliency  project in South Sudan, to address widespread food and nutrition deficiencies and help communities become increasingly resilient to shocks including conflict and economic and environment-related shocks. More than three years of conflict have made South Sudan one of the world’s most food-insecure countries, with more than half the population facing life-threatening hunger. This project will target households experiencing stress and crisis levels of food insecurity, to prevent them from falling into worse levels of food insecurity—emergency and famine. The project will focus on...
15 Nov 2017
Finding data on where resource partners are investing and identifying common priorities has now become much easier, with the help of a new online tool developed by FAO. The tool has gone live on Thursday, November 23 at 11am CST. Check out www.fao.org/aid-monitor. To explain more about how AIDmonitor works, we sat down with Vanja Bozic from TCR’s market intelligence team to find out more. Q: What is AIDmonitor? A: AIDmonitor is a new online data tool that makes it quick and easy to extract data on Official Development Assistance (ODA) flows, with a specific focus on agriculture, food security, nutrition and rural development activities. A...
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