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Business Development and Resource Mobilization

The Business Development and Resource Mobilization Division leads and coordinates the mobilization of voluntary contributions in support of FAO’s strategic priorities. To achieve this, PSR develops market intelligence and outreach for resource partners’ engagement, manages the Organization’s business development portfolio and oversees the negotiation of agreements in line with standard cooperation frameworks. PSR also coordinates and oversees results reporting to ensure accountability to resource partners.

Contributions mobilized and FAO's delivery in 2018

Top 20 contributing members in 2018

alt="United alt="Japan" alt="United alt="Sweden"

alt="Norway" Germany China Brazil alt="Italy"

alt="Netherlands" Canada France Russia alt="Republic

alt="Mexico" alt="Colombia" alt="Spain" alt="Switzerland" Australia

More information

More information

(Colombia) *Countries that contributed through Unilateral Trust Fund (UTF) agreements established between the government of a given country and FAO. Unilateral Trust Funds are a funding modality financed entirely by a government for programmes or projects to be implemented in the country.

(Brazil, Mexico) **Countries that contributed through Unilateral Trust Fund (UTF) agreements and Government Cooperative Programmes (GCP). GCP is an agreement amongst three parties: FAO, one or several resource partners and one or several host countries.


Latest Publication

This report aims to provide an overview of Switzerland's strong partnership and valuable contribution to the work of FAO in recent years, bringing together their individual set of unique skills to the table to help resolve myriad challenges relating to food security, nutrition, resilience and sustainability. Working in close partnership with resource partners is the only way we can move forward and achieve a world where hunger no longer exists.