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Resource Partners

In the drive to achieve results towards each of its strategic priorities, FAO works with a variety of resource partners, International Financing Institutions, the private sector, foundations and national governments. Partners may provide both financial and non-financial support as well as knowledge-sharing and expertise. FAO also promotes partnership through South-South Cooperation.

FAO’s work is funded by assessed and voluntary contributions. The total FAO budget planned for 2014-2015 is USD 2.4 billion. Of this amount 41 percent comes from assessed contributions paid by member countries, while 59 percent will be mobilized through voluntary support.

The voluntary contributions provided by Members and other partners support the Strategic Objectives of FAO and are thus focused on achieving Members’ goals and delivering on agreed results. At country level, FAO ensures that all projects and programmes are aligned with the Country Programming Framework, agreed with the government.

FAO’s corporate Resource Mobilization and Management Strategy and Operational Plan guides FAO’s efforts in mobilizing resources in support of FAO’s Strategic Objectives.

Voluntary contributions in the 2012/13 biennium

The tables below show both FAO’s leading resource partners during the past biennium and a deeper look at sources of FAO’s innovative funding modalities. The tables are split into traditional funding and innovative funding.

Traditional funding Traditional funding is defined as contributions to FAO which are funded by a single partner and which are specified for particular projects and programmes.

Innovative funding mechanisms are more varied in nature – they can range from Governments providing resources from their own budgets to fund their national projects (UTF), to multilateral contributions from partners in the form of unprogrammed, pooled funding, affording the Organization the choice of the programmes and Strategic Objectives to which it commits the funds.

Resource Partner

Emergency Assistance

Field Programme

Core Voluntary

Total Approvals

Total for Traditional Modalities





Total for Innovative Modalities





Total Voluntary Contributions





Source: Oracle DWH and FPMIS as at end of December Final 2013 (downloaded on 13th March 2014)

See the detailed tables analysing the composition of traditional and innovative funding modalities.