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Resource Partners


In the drive to achieve results towards each of its strategic priorities, FAO works with a variety of resource partners, International Financing Institutions, the private sector, foundations and national governments. Partners may provide both financial and non-financial support as well as knowledge-sharing and expertise.

In 2017, these partnerships have played a crucial role in the work of the FAO to achieve Zero Hunger and make a difference in the lives and livelihoods of farmers, fisherfolk and livestock keepers.

The 2017 Results Partnerships - Impact 2018 report, describes FAO’s vision, supporters, and funding mechanisms, reveals that which differentiates FAO, presents evidence of the value that FAO adds to interventions and tells stories of our beneficiaries and partners… [read interactive report here.]  

FAO's overall programme of work is funded by assessed and voluntary contributions. The assessed contributions are Member countries' obligatory contributions to the United Nations and its specialized agencies. These are determined at the biennial FAO Conference. The voluntary contributions provided by Members and other partners to support governments for clearly defined purposes linked to the results framework, as well as direct support to FAO's core work.

In 2017 a historic USD 1.2 billion was mobilized through voluntary contributions from Members and other resource partners, such as national governments, International Financing Institutions, the private sector and foundations. This is a monumental 44 percent increase compared to 2016. 2017 Results Partnerships - Impact 2018

Read the 2017 Results Partnerships - Impact 2018 Report here.