SAVE FOOD: Global Initiative on Food Loss and Waste Reduction

Awareness raising in schools to reduce and prevent food waste


This is a series of an educational-engaging package designed to educate young people to value food and reduce its loss. The goal is to raise awareness among school children, teachers, staff and their related families and networks on food loss and waste issues and introduce good practices conducive to food waste reduction, with an expected long-term impact.

This ‘education package’ named “Do Good: Save Food!” consists of different modules that can be used by teachers in class and to plan lessons and activities on the issue.  The content is adaptable and interactively designed to enable teachers & educators to select and implement components they consider to be most pertinent to the cause  depending on the needs related to time availability, knowledge and age of the students, curriculum context etc.

The package is currently implemented at pilot scale by the private-sector nonprofit initiative “International Food Waste Coalition” (IFWC) and FAO in collaboration with partner schools in Italy, UK and France, before possibly extending to the rest of Europe and/or globally.

The campaign is expected to significantly reduce food waste in schools and households (both the plate and kitchen waste) and related negative socio economic and environmental impacts.



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