Appui à l'investissement
©Vedran Ilić
Avec le concours de la FAO et de la BERD, un jeune militant social s’efforce de tisser un réseau dans...
Climate change is a major challenge for agriculture – a vital source of food, income and employment for most of...
©FAO/Luis Tato
FAO-OIE-WHO One Health work focusses on targeted investment to prevent future pandemics, address endemic zoonotic disease and reduce risks from...
©FAO/Sumy Sadurni
The Uganda Development Bank (UDB), a national public bank, is boosting its agri-food lending portfolio via the joint European Union...
Keeping food safe from farm to plate is everyone’s business. In Serbia, new flexible food safety bylaws are making it easier...
©Ksenia Kadyrova
FAO’s Collect Mobile app and Smart Milk digital portal are boosting farmers’ livelihoods
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