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Mécanisation agricole durable


The importance of mechanization for developing countries (1'52)

Josef Kienzle, FAO Agricultural Engineer, provides a brief overview of what mechanization is, how it can improve smallholder farmer's livelihoods, and how it makes the agriculture sector more attractive to the rural youth.


Revitalizing small-scale agriculture in Zimbabwe: Conservation Agriculture using the 2 wheel tractor (11'06)

In Zimbabwe, small-scale farmers are contributing immensely to the agricultural production of the country. They are not only growing food to feed themselves, they also greatly contribute to feeding the larger population of Zimbabwe.

This video was produced by FACASI, CIMMYT and ACIAR.


Maize and wheat production using two wheel tractors in Ethiopia: A project of farm mechanization and Conservation Agriculture (14'27)

The video demonstrates how smallholder farmers and service providers are using the two wheel tractor in maize and wheat production in Asela and Hawassa, Ethiopia.

This video was produced by FACASI, CIMMYT and ACIAR.