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  • 技术合作计划项目或支持发展活动,或为紧急和恢复活动提供援助以应对危机。项目确保产生可持续作用,弥补重大空白,向项目国家传输技术知识,促进实现粮农组织《战略目标》。
  • 技术合作计划项目涉及面广泛,从解决越南对虾疾病和处置马拉维过期农药,到秘鲁适应气候变化和吉尔吉斯斯坦共和国可持续管理森林资源。
  • 2016-17两年度可用于技术合作计划的资金接近1.329亿美元。
  • 技术合作计划单个项目预算最多为50万美元,项目期最长为24个月。


Angola loses at least one-quarter of the fish caught in inland waters each year – largely due to lack of refrigeration, out-dated processing techniques and difficulties in getting the catch to the marketplace. Some pilot assessments even put the figure as high as 40 percent. And...
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28 September 2016
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Until recently, the capacity of Central African countries to prevent the spread of plant disease and pests from imported food and planting materials, such as seeds, stem cuttings and tubers, was weak. In fact, many countries had not updated their phytosanitary regulations in 50 or...