Urban Food Actions Platform

Here you will find examples on promoting participatory multi-level food governance; enhancing stakeholder participation at the city/metropolitan level through political dialogue;  food policy advisors;  multi-stakeholder platforms or food councils, education and awareness raising; open data policies – in both public and private sectors, and linking the two - in order to address knowledge gaps and improve statistics and accountability at a local level for more targeted actions; promoting and developing multi-stakeholder collaboration and partnerships, civil society, the private sector, universities and international organizations.

Governance and planning - Reports & Case Studies
This first Compendium of URL Case Studies are important. These territories address the complexity of dynamic urban-rural flows and the need for a systems approach. They underline the need for inclusive, participatory approaches and integration of actors and levels of governance. They call for the development of assessment tools...
Botswana, Cameroon, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, France, Italy, Nepal, Palestine (Global coverage)
2020 - Remy Sietchiping, Grace Githiri, Thomas Forster, Camilo Antonio Romero Mera, Eol Chae
Governance and planning, Food production and ecosystem management, Food supply and distribution - Reports & Case Studies
ONLY IN SPANISH The food systems perspective is central to understanding and acting on global risks, such as pandemics and climate change. Furthermore, global emergencies have a major impact on food security and nutrition by affecting the availability, accessibility and affordability of food, especially in cities, due to their high population density. Agro-food...
Spain (Europe)
2020 - María Carrascosa García, Daniel López García, Jorge Molero Cortés
Governance and planning - Reports & Case Studies
Three research Centers have monitored and assessed New York City’s food system response to COVID-19 to date and over the next 18 months. This report is a first independent assessment of the effects of COVID-19 on NY food system and an assessment of the many public and private responses. In this...
United States of America (North America)
2020 - Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center, Laurie M. Tisch Center for Food, Education & Policy, and The CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute
Governance and planning - Reports & Case Studies
As part of Milan's urban food policy pact, the "Cities for Food" project, launched in 2018, aims to encourage cities to make the transition to sustainable food systems at the territorial level. With this objective, the food systems of seven cities have been studied.         Guanajuato in Mexico,         Valparaiso in Chile,         Ho-chi-Minh-City...
Chile, Iran, Mexico, Morocco, South Africa, Tunisia, Vietnam (Global coverage)
2020 - Anna Faucher, Louison Lançon
Governance and planning, Food production and ecosystem management - Frameworks
This event recording presents an action-oriented, High-Level conference, held on 18 September 2020, presents an integrated approach to urban and peri-urban planning aimed at: improving the quality and quantity of urban and peri-urban forest and green spaces to maximize the provision of ecosystem good and services to city dwellers; increasing the...
(Global coverage)
2020 - Coll.
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