Baku State University (BSU)

Baku State University stands as a pinnacle among educational institutions, distinguished by its illustrious history, and today, it proudly holds its place as one of the foremost scientific and educational hubs in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Throughout its existence, the university has been a bastion of intellectual discourse and a crucible for national thought. Presently, Baku State University offers an extensive array of academic programs, encompassing 16 majors with a diverse selection of 55 bachelor's and 153 master's degrees. The university serves as the nexus of 37 cutting-edge scientific research and teaching laboratories, not only delving into the natural sciences but also making significant contributions to the humanitarian spheres. Noteworthy among these is the Scientific Research Institute of Applied Mathematics and the Scientific Research Institute of Physics Problems, boasting a collective expertise of over 200 dedicated employees. The curriculum extends beyond conventional boundaries, covering disciplines such as the refinement of the Azerbaijani language, its historical and literary aspects, genetics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and the invention of nanomaterials, among other expansive fields. Baku State University stands as a testament to academic excellence, fostering a dynamic environment where diverse disciplines converge to shape the future of education, research, and innovation.