Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University

SANRU University is located in the northern part of Iran and close to the Caspian Sea in city of Sari, Mazandaran Province. The origin of university can be traced to the “College of Agricultural Engineering” which was established in 1974. This junior college was covering Agricultural Science, Forestry, Range management and Animal Sciences courses. In 1979, after victory of Islamic revolution in Iran, this college played a key role in establishing of the University of Mazandaran. At the end 1998, due to outgrowing of the college, it was authorized by the ministry of science to establish two new faculties, known as: Agricultural Science and Natural Resources. These faculties started their official educational activities in 2000. In 2004, the college was further expanded to four faculties of Crop Sciences, Agricultural Engineering, Animal Sciences and Fisheries and Natural Resources and it was renamed to “Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources campus” based on both quantitative and qualitative development.
Today the SANRU is comprised of four faculties and 18 departments as below: Faculty of Agricultural Engineering (4 Departments; Water Engineering, Agricultural Economy, Food Science and Technology and Bio-System Mechanic) Faculty of Crop Science (6 Departments; Agronomy, Plant Breeding, Horticultural Science, Plant Protection, Soil Science, Agricultural Extension and Education) Faculty of Animal Science and Fisheries (2 Departments; Animal Sciences and Fisheries) Faculty of Natural Resources (4 Departments; Rangeland Management, Watershed Management, Wood and Paper Science, Forestry).
Department of Basic Sciences and Department of Islamic Sciences In terms of international collaboration, SANRU University is actively moving forward to establish a joint scientific cooperation between Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University with other universities and research institutes from all around the globe and successfully invited committees and administration boards from several universities to have a formal visit from Sari University and subsequently signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) he Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University is also a Member of Association of the Caspian Sea State Universities and Considering the multi-climate state of Iran as a unique characteristic which effectively influences the agricultural production section, the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering has committed itself to developing agricultural sciences and promoting of engineering aspects of agriculture along with realistic demands of farmers, specifically at the northern part of Iran. Furthermore, this faculty is benefiting from an exclusive multi-disciplinary research and scientific collaboration with other university faculties to implement emerging new agricultural technologies and environmental issues. Academic staff of this faculty are involved in different agricultural engineering fields such as tillage systems for crop production, soil compaction, physical and mechanical properties of agricultural materials and products, farm machinery design, development and performance evaluation, agricultural machinery systems planning and management, post-harvesting processes and precision farming. Currently, SANRU University benefiting from more than 130 academic staffs, 2185 undergraduate (B.Sc.), 683 M.Sc. students and 381 Ph.D. students.