Latvia - AGRIS Country Hub

FAO/Olivier Thuillier

The Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies (LLU) is the higher education and science establishment of the Republic of Latvia, where scientific research as well as academic and professional study programmes are carried out.

Founded in 1939, the Fundamental Library of the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies (LLU FB) has operated as the AGRIS Hub in Latvia since 1994. The Fundamental Library joined AGRIS to share and make the achievements of Latvian scientists in food and agricultural science more globally visible.

Today, the library’s collection consists of more than 410 000 records, including books, serials, periodicals, dissertations, electronic editions, videos, standards and maps. The majority of the publications are in Latvian and Russian, though almost a quarter are in other languages.

For the formation of the database, the library provided AGRIS with bibliographic records of literature published in Latvia on food, agriculture, forestry, fisheries and other allied industries. This enables the work of scientists from Latvia's agricultural and allied industries to be promoted globally.

Find out about the work of the Fundamental Library, food and agricultural science and the role of AGRIS in Latvia in this interesting document HERE.