AGROVOC Online Course


The AGROVOC Online Course is available on the FAO KnowledgeLab platform. This course is tailored to cater to the needs of both individuals and institutions and is offered entirely free of charge in English.

The course is structured as a self-paced e-learning program, allowing participants the flexibility to progress through the content at their own convenience and pace. It's worth noting that this is a self-guided course, and no scheduled or synchronous activities are involved.

What is the AGROVOC Online Course about?

The course is specifically designed for those interested in controlled vocabularies and comprises six comprehensive modules, each addressing aspects such as: 

  • Data sharing, interoperability and Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS)
  • Introducing AGROVOC, the multilingual thesaurus
  • Accessing and using AGROVOC
  • AGROVOC editorial guidelines
  • Using VocBench for AGROVOC curation
  • Curating a subvocabulary in AGROVOC

Participants can decide whether to enrol in all six modules or select specific ones based on their individual knowledge and preferences.

Course Expectations:

  • Demonstrate the advantages of the Semantic Web and semantic resources.
  • Raise awareness about the utilisation of controlled vocabularies to improve the accessibility and visibility of information and data, particularly within the field of agriculture and related sciences.
  • Highlight AGROVOC's structure, semantic attributes, reuse opportunities, and collaborative curation and integration potential.
  • Provide current and prospective users with the knowledge and skills required to effectively engage with AGROVOC, whether for reusing its content or contributing to its curation.

How to enroll

To register, please use this link: