Promoting AGROVOC on social media

Social media tools have made it easy to connect, engage and interact with other people, in many ways making communication an instant and two-way conversation. Social media tools ensure that FAO advocates and promotes its work, engages with stakeholders and increases its visibility in the online world. Promoting AGROVOC on social media is also encouraged, especially by AGROVOC partners. Each social media tool has its own unique audience and content requirements. Activities, news, publications and videos related to AGROVOC can all be of interest to the wider community.

  • Social media works better as a tool when the content is interesting, referenced with a link, and up to date.
  • Including visual content is recommended. Please respect copyright for images used.
  • Respect the privacy rights of colleagues and partners, particularly when posting photos and videos.
  • Include relevant hashtags if posting about AGROVOC activities, for example #AGROVOC #AGRIS #SDG2 #semantics #thesaurus #UNFAO
  • Consider supporting relevant social media campaigns with appropriate keywords, for example #WorldSoilDay or #planthealth, and relate this to AGROVOC.


    On Twitter, AGROVOC can be found at @FAOAIMS. Twitter is a good way to reach specific audiences, so try and reach your audiences with appropriate content and language. Add appropriate hashtags where you can, like  #AGROVOC or  #AGRIS. This will help other people interested in that topic to find your tweets. When mentioning people or organizations, use their Twitter account name, like @FAOAIMS. See the AGROVOC editorial community Twitter list. Tweets do not only have to be in English.

    For YouTube, FAO currently has one corporate channel: FAOoftheUN. Videos related to AGROVOC are available on the FAO Knowledge Sharing channel. Sharing these is encouraged.

    For other channels, there are no AGROVOC accounts, but if posting about AGROVOC activities, it can be useful to include hashtags.


  • AGROVOC website
  • Twitter @FAOAIMS
  • AGROVOC editorial community Twitter list
  • FAO Knowledge Sharing channel
  • FAO Social media policy


    In addition to social media, AGROVOC-related contributions to the AGROVOC newsletter are also welcome.