Climate Smart Agriculture Sourcebook



The development of adapted populations utilizing unimproved germplasm and is aimed at removing the prevailing genetic bottlenecks by incorporating diverse traits, including those that confer resilience, into crop varieties from both wild relatives and landraces.

Blue Growth

Blue Growth is the sustainable growth and development emanating from economic activities in the oceans, wetlands and coastal zones, that minimize environmental degradation, biodiversity loss and unsustainable use of living aquatic resources, and maximize economic and social benefits (FAO, Blue Growth Initiative)

Brackish water

Water with a salinity intermediate between seawater and freshwater, usually showing wide salinity fluctuations. (Source)

Build back better

The use of the recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction phases after a disaster to increase the resilience of nations and communities through integrating disaster risk reduction measures into the restoration of physical infrastructure and societal systems, and into the revitalization of livelihoods, economies and the environment. Annotation: The term “societal” will not be interpreted as a political system of any country.