Climate Smart Agriculture Sourcebook


Passport data

Basic information about the origin of an accession, such as details recorded at the collecting site, pedigree or other relevant information that assists in the identification of an accession (FAO, 2014d).

Pastoral areas

Uncultivated land that will support grazing or browsing animals (Holechek, Pieper and Herbel, 1989).


Land used for livestock grazing.


Species of diseases, insects and weeds, whose populations may reach a level resulting in yield losses depending on environmental conditions, crop genotype and phenology, and agricultural management practices (including cropping patterns, and use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides).


Timing of recurring biological growth and development phases of plants.

Phenotypic plasticity

Capacity of a particular genotype to express different phenotypes under different environmental conditions (De Jong, 2005).


Organisms whose body temperature varies with the temperature of the surrounding environment.


The condition of having more than two chromosome sets (Lawrence, 1995).


The knowledge and capacities developed by governments, response and recovery organizations, communities and individuals to effectively anticipate, respond to and recover from the impacts of likely, imminent or current disasters.


Activities and measures to avoid existing and new disaster risks.