Evaluation at FAO

Prioritizing organizational planning and strategy formulation

Highlights from the Programme Evaluation Report 2023

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The review of FAO evaluations (2021-2022) found that some areas of FAO technical expertise deserve higher prioritization and strategic integration.

⦿ The evaluation of FAO’s contribution to Sustainable Development Goal 6 found that FAO had accomplished valuable work, such as the modernization and rehabilitation of irrigated agriculture schemes. Yet this type of work has limited visibility in FAO’s strategic documents. Integrating water resources management more firmly into the Strategic Framework and activities concerned with agricultural development, ecosystems management, rural livelihoods and climate change is fundamental to their success. In particular, the evaluation underscored the need for a comprehensive, organizational response to the growing threat to water quality posed by pollution from agriculture.

⦿ Similarly, the thematic evaluation of FAO’s role and work on anti-microbial resistance (AMR) highlights the importance of developing a long-term strategy and integrating it fully in the Strategic Framework.

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