Evaluation at FAO


Evaluation of FAO’s contribution to SDG 6:
Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

The evaluation assesses the relevance and effectiveness of FAO in supporting its Members to achieve relevant SDG 6 Targets. It seeks to provide FAO’s decision makers with evidence of good practices and lessons learned that can be used to enhance the Organization’s overall contribution to the Goal.

Considering that the Agenda 2030 came into effect in January 2016, the evaluation examines FAO’s work related to SDG 6 that took place from 2016 to 2021. When formulating its recommendations, it takes into consideration the Organization’s context and its recent and future strategic aims, including the Strategic Framework 2022–31.

The evaluation is guided by four key questions:

  • Has FAO positioned and organized itself to maximize its contribution to SDG 6?
  • To what extent have FAO’s interventions related to SDG 6 addressed the needs and demands of its Members and their citizens, promoting the principle of ‘leave no one behind’?
  • What have been the results achieved by or with the contribution of FAO in relation to SDG 6 at country, regional and global levels?
  • To what extent is FAO generating transformational and long-term changes in relation to SDG 6?

The evaluation was presented to the 133rd session of the Programme Committee.