Evaluation at FAO

What makes partnerships work?

Our programme evaluation review found a link between strong partnerships and high quality programme delivery.

Strong partnerships are...

- The FAO Jordan country office’s proactive approach towards partnerships has improved the effectiveness and visibility of FAO’s work in the country.

Long-term - In Moldova long-standing relations with government and other key partners has helped FAO to mobilize pooled resources.

Complementary - The Zimbabwe Livelihoods and Food Security Programme used diverse and well-selected partnerships to successfully deliver its programme.

Accountable - The Promoting Value Chains project in Afghanistan needs clear procedures to sustain the valuable private sector partnerships it has created.

Follow new models
- South-South and triangular cooperation interventions offer a complementary model to traditional relationships between donors and countries.

Well planned
- UN partners co-designed and implemented the project to support peaceful societies through women’s improved access to management of natural resources in Sierra Leone. This is a good example of best practice in UN agency cooperation.

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