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Artículo de revista
Rural reality check in Montenegro

Agriculture dominates the rural economy. Pastures and meadows occupy 90% of the farmland and the remaining 10% is mainly devoted to horticulture, vineyards and orchards. The structure of farming is dominated by small family farms, which provide all or most of their income for over 50,000 rural households, many of...
2014 - EU Agriculture and Rural development

Documento de la Conferencia
COFO/2014/4.4 Rev.1. Committee on Forestry, Forests and family farming, 22nd session, Rome, Italy, 23-27 June 2014

The Committee on Forestry (COFO 22) took place in FAO headquarters this week (23-27 June). In light of the 2014 International Year of Family Farming (IYFF), the topic of forests and family farming is one of the key agenda items this year. The International Year of Family Farming provides an...
2014 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

In the words of family farmers: Indonesia

For seaweed farmer Hassan Heremba Basri teaching his children everything he knows about farming will ensure their successful future.
2014 - International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Making Agroecology Viable for Small Farmers: Experiences from the Field

"The practices illustrated through these case studies are being extensively shared among farmers from across the country. These local practices are not just ways of thinking or alternatives; they are based on the specialized knowledge and practices of people and communities.They contain insights that when appropriately applied, can help farmers...
2014 - Focus on the Global South

Artículo de revista
Rural Development Programme 2007-2013

Modernization of agricultural holdings, adding value to agricultural products
Mr. Chris Zahra, is a young full time farmer operating a livestock farm in the Virtu’ area. He is engaged solely in the livestock sector rearing a herd of 73 ovines. To improve his operation  Chris has invested in his holding and benefitted from Measures 121 and 123

Boletín informativo
Boletín Informativo FAOAR

Boletín Informativo Mensual de la representación de FAO en Argentina de Octubre 2014, que da cuenta de los proyectos y desafíos en ese país.
2014 - Oficina Nacional de la FAO Argentina

Hoja informativa
"CAP in your country" - MALTA

Until 2020, the new CAP is going to invest EUR 134 million in the Maltese farming sector and rural areas. Key political priorities have been defined at European level such as: jobs, sustainability, modernization, innovation and quality. In parallel, flexibility was given to Malta to adapt both direct payments and...
2014 - European Commission

Investment Support under Rural Development Policy

This study analyses three questions in relation to the evaluation of investment support in Rural Development Programmes (RDP) of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Different evaluation methods are classified according to their appropriateness and suitability to measure efficiency, effectiveness and impact of investment support measures. In order to evaluate the...
2014 - European Union

Artículo de blog
Women of Kanem taking the lead in agricultural development

The project has enabled women’s groups to access irrigable and fertile land and farm it in their own names.
In the western Chad region of Kanem, the majority of men from poor rural families have migrated to areas with better economic opportunities to ensure the survival of their families. Women are often left as head of household and assume particularly heavy tasks, including cultivating the land. Agricultural production has...
2014 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Artículo de revista
Empowering rural stakeholders in the Western Balkans

Experience in four countries
Taking part in the traveling workshops in Serbia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Montenegro were a number of officials and NGO representatives from four other countries –  Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Turkey. Ministers or their representatives from these countries attended the Concluding Conference in Brussels on...
2014 - EU Agriculture and Rural development

Where Have All the Small Farmers Gone? The Story of Agriculture and Indian Farmers

"This first booklet in the series – 'Where Have all the Small Farmers gone?' – traces the broad path that agriculture took in India, to see where and how the small farmers are placed in it. It notes the major milestones en route, and underlines the major ups and downs,...
2014 - Focus on the Global South

Hoja informativa
Small farms, big impacts: mainstreaming climate change for resilience and food security

Climate change threatens the natural resource base across much of the developing world. Climate change accelerates ecosystem degradation and makes agriculture more risky. As a result, smallholder farmers, who are so critical to global food security, are facing more extreme weather. Small-scale farmers are impacted more immediately by droughts, floods...
2014 - International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)


厄瓜多尔正在经历一场重大的营养转变。一个矛盾的观点表明生产食物的农村家庭通常就 是受营养不良影响最大的群体,加上这次转变,都体现出“现代”农业系统的讽刺意味。它也突出 了围绕家庭营养的,农村和城镇的连接的重要性,其正有助于解决此类矛盾。我们看到位于厄 瓜多尔北部的San Francisco Alto村和 Ambuqui村里有许多家庭正在经历这样的变化。他们采用各 种策略努力实现健康、多样化和富含营养的饮食。
2014 - Centre for Biodiversity and Indigenous Knowledge

Actas de conferencia
Mainstreaming biodiversity in practice

A STAP advisory document
The objective of the three-day workshop on mainstreaming biodiversity, which took place in Cape Town, South Africa, in October 2013, was to review experience and lessons learned during a decade of investment in biodiversity mainstreaming projects in production landscapes and seascapes around the world. Experience was drawn principally from GEF...
2014 - Global Environment Facility

Certificación de competencias para extensionistas rurales

El vídeo presenta el proceso de certificación de competencias como una oportunidad de cambio y desarrollo para los servicios de extensión rural en el Perú.
2014 - Soluciones Prácticas

Actas de conferencia
Priorities for FAO activities in the Near East and North Africa

This report is divided into three sections:  Section II outlines how priorities and items requiring follow-up emanating from the previous Regional Conference have been addressed, bringing to the attention of the Members major achievements and aspects requiring further consideration. The section will also draw lessons from the implementation of the...
2014 - Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Estudio comparativo regional de asistencia técnica y extensión rural con perspectiva de género

Programa Regional de Género de la Reunión Especializada de la Agricultura Familiar - REAF
El presente estudio comparativo regional de asistencia técnica y extensión rural con perspectiva de género, convocado por el Programa Regional de Fortalecimiento Institucional de Políticas de Igualdad de Género en la Agricultura Familiar del MERCOSUR, se realizó entre los meses de octubre, noviembre y diciembre de 2013 y principios de...
Argentina - Brazil - Uruguay
2014 - Ministerio del Desarrollo Agrario (MDA), Brasil

Currican: artisanal canning

Three women from Spain set up their own company in Galicia helping to preserve the tradition, particular to the area, of canning local fish and seafood in glass jars and selling their products in specialised gourmet shops.
2014 - Conservas Currican S.L

Artículo de revista
Empowering rural stakeholders in the Western Balkans

Challenge – the present state of relations between stakeholders and governments
From a bottom-up perspective, the field visits in Serbia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Montenegro showed that rural entrepreneurs, and some rural communities, can make good things happen, and that in some cases they do so without much help from government. However, it was also clear that farmers...
2014 - EU Agriculture and Rural development

Deepening the transformations and refining the focus in agricultural research

Taking into account the challenges in agriculture, and the responsibility that agricultural researchers and other stakeholders should take to improve the impact of agricultural innovations, the urgency to strengthen the cooperation and innovation partnership, the members of CACAARI and its partners encouraged the initiative of transforming the Association into the...
2014 - CACAARI
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