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Artículo de revista especializada
Breeding objectives and economic values for traits of low input family-based beef cattle production system in the State of Rio Grande do Sul

The objectives of this study were to define breeding objectives and derive economic weights for production traits in family-based beef cattle systems, assess the sensitivity of these weights to changes in market and husbandry indicators and estimate the expected genetic changes in the selection criteria proposed. Based on data from...
2012 - Sociedade Brasileira de Zootecnia

Artículo de revista especializada
The impacts of technology adoption on smallholder agricultural productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa

A Review
This paper is a review article on the impacts of technology adoption on agricultural productivity in smallholder agriculture in the sub-Saharan African region. The use of agricultural technologies determines how the increase in agricultural output impacts on poverty levels and environmental degradation. Experience and evidence from countries within and around...

Estudio Regional sobre las Dimensiones Sociales en el Manejo de Áreas Marinas Protegidas: Casos en Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras y Panamá

El estudio analiza las dimensiones sociales de la conservación marina en Centroamérica. Explora la percepción de las personas residentes en las comunidades costeras vinculadas a los espacios marinos protegidos en Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica y Panamá. Profundiza, a partir de estudios de caso y análisis comparativo, en temas de gobernanza,...
2012 - International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF)

Género y Propiedad Rural: Catamarca, Santiago del Estero y Tucumán

Con la convicción de que reflexionar sobre estos temas es abrir la puerta a la necesaria modificación de aspectos muy injustos de nuestra realidad, decidimos propiciar una segunda edición de Género y Propiedad Rural, de modo de acercar a quienes no tuvieron ocasión de leer la primera edición, hoy agotada, esta versión...
2012 - Unidad para el Cambio Rural (UCAR) - Ministerio de Agricultura, Ganadería y Pesca de la Nación Argentina

Institucionalidad de la extensión rural y las relaciones público-privadas

Fortalecimiento de la institucionalidad en Extensión Rural. La crisis por el alza de los precios de los alimentos ha revalorizado la importancia de la agricultura y de la Extensión Rural. Fortalecer su institucionalidad es vital, especialmente en políticas y normativas, asignación de recursos públicos y reforzamiento de la vinculación público-privada....
2012 - Red Latinoamericana para Servicios de Extensión Rural (RELASER)

Success Story: Realizing the Importance of Agriculture - What's Your Story?

Lauren Chase was hired by the Montana Stockgrowers Association to tell the story of Montana family ranching. Having no agriculture background, her journey from not knowing the difference between a bull and a steer to being a lifelong advocate for the beef industry has been quite the experience. In this...
United States of America
2012 - Agchat

Documento de la Conferencia
Farmer empowerment through land resettlement:A case of Bluegrass Estate, Kadoma, Zimbabwe

A case of Bluegrass Estate, Kadoma, Zimbabwe
Poverty in rural Zimbabwe was rampant during colonial and post-independence times. Poverty creation by colonial authorities through legislation that deprived the indigenous people of their fatherland was meant to create labour for the ruling whites while making sure the indigenous Zimbabweans would never aspire to be equal to their colonizers....
2012 - Zimbabwe Open University

Artículo de revista especializada
BRSGO Serra Dourada: upland rice cultivar for family agriculture in the State of Goiás

The release of rice cultivar BRSGO Serra Dourada was based on favorable results from evaluation trials and units of observation implemented in farmers’ properties. These farmers preferred the new cultivar, mainly due to its grain quality, resistance to lodging and blast (Magnaporthe grisea) and good productive potential.
2012 - Brazilian Society of Plant Breeding

Les petits barrages de décrue en Mauritanie

Recommandations pour la conception et la construction
Pour le FIDA, l’accès sécurisé à l’eau des populations rurales pauvres est essentiel pour atteindre les Objectifs du Millénaire pour le Développement, et en particulier l'objectif de réduire de moitié la proportion de personnes vivant dans la pauvreté extrême et la faim d'ici à 2015. Dans cette perspective, la Division...

Documento de la Conferencia
Changes in farming practices in the Lake Kivu Basin

Provinces of eastern D.R. Congo are going through a period of political instability which has impacted negatively on the way smallholder farmers manage natural resources. This has contributed to increased degradation of Lake Kivu water and its productivity. The Lake supports a range of pelagic fish species that provides currently...
Democratic Republic of the Congo
2012 - Universite Catholoque De Kavu

Estudio de caso
Syrian Arab Republic: Thematic study on participatory rangeland management in the Badia

The Syrian Arab Republic is a dry country that is prone to drought, with large areas of desert or semi-desert that are too fragile to be cultivated but will support grazing for a restricted number of livestock. These areas of ecological fragility, if overgrazed and poorly managed, can quickly become...
Syrian Arab Republic
2012 - International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) - Near East, North Africa and Europe Division Programme management department

Artículo de revista
Farmers' Organisations

This issue of Baobab focuses on Farmers’ Organisations. The theme is informed by the reality that farmers are able to achieve better outcomes for themselves and for national and global aspirations of food security and food sovereignty when they are well organised and able to speak in one voice. Globally,...
2012 - AgriCultures Network

Sitio web
North East Slow Food & Agrobiodiversity Society

NESFAS stands for the North East Slow Food and Agrobiodiversity Society. The organisation attempts to bring together partners from different sectors that can help in the enhancement of agrobiodiversity, leading to food sovereignty. As a platform, NESFAS believes that traditional ecological knowledge is equally important to modern science and therefore facilitates a mutually respectful dialogue for...
2012 - North East Slow Food & Agrobiodiversity Society (NESFAS)

Artículo de revista especializada
Climate change and variability

Smallholder farming communities in Zimbabwe portray a varied understanding
Increasing awareness of risks associated with climate change and variability among smallholder farmers is critical in building their capacity to develop the necessary adaptive measures. Using farmer participatory research approaches and formal questionnaire surveys, interaction has been made with >800 farmers in two distinct smallholder farming systems of Makoni and...
2012 - University of Zimbabwe

Sistema Normativo Argentino de Trazabilidad Bovina

La trazabilidad puede ser concebida como una tecnología en el sentido de una práctica social destinada a modificar el mundo social o físico según rutinas o métodos identificables. Esta tecnología consiste en un sistema de seguimiento de los bienes de consumo durante su producción y comercialización hasta que llegan al...
2012 - 9o Encuentro de Colegios de Abogados sobre temas de Derecho Agrario

Asia Regional Organic Standards (AROS)

The Asia Regional Organic Standard (AROS) was developed by a public-private partnership of stakeholders in East, South-East and South Asia under the auspices of the GOMA project, led by the Food and Agriculture Program of the United Nations (FAO), the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) and the United...

Revista especializada
New approaches for grassland research in a context of climate and socio-economic changes

Grassland-based systems are no longer seen exclusively as livestock production enterprises but as multiple use systems with important consequences for the global environment. They are crucial for the protection of ecosystem goods and services, for tourism and for mitigating climate change. Well-managed grasslands provide important benefits such as increased water...
Algeria - Egypt - Italy - Morocco - Pakistan - Portugal - Spain - Tunisia - Türkiye
2012 - International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM)

Documento de la Conferencia
Let the Good Products Flow! Global Organic Market Access in 2012 and Beyond

For ten years, FAO, IFOAM and UNCTAD have worked in partnership to address and reduce barriers to trade of organic products resulting from the global proliferation of organic standards and technical regulations. Our partnership began with sponsorship of a conference in Nuremberg in 2002 called “The Organic Guarantee System: the...
2012 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Estudio sobre particularidades socio culturales relacionadas a la alimentación escolar y producción de zonas seleccionadas

Informe Final
En el marco del Proyecto Fortalecimiento de los Programas de Alimentación Escolar en el marco de la iniciativa América Latina sin hambre 2025 Proyecto GCP/RLA/180/BRA, se llevó a cabo entre los meses de agosto y noviembre de 2012, el estudio “Particularidades socio culturales relacionadas a la alimentación escolar y producción...
Brazil - Paraguay

Laws, Institutions and Transboundary Pasture Management in The High Pamir and Pamir-Alai Mountain Ecosystem of Central Asia

The neighbouring Central Asian states of Tajikistan and the Kyrgyz Republic were formed following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Central Asian states have retained as international boundaries the former Soviet Socialist Republican (SSR) boundaries demarcated in Soviet times. Previously porous republican boundaries are now subject to strict border control...
Kyrgyzstan - Tajikistan
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