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National legislation

Food Act 2015 (No. 16 of 2015).

The Act is administered by the Ministry of Health. The function of the Food and Nutrition Policy Committee is to advise the Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry appointed pursuant to section 9 of the Ministry of Health Act 2006 ("Director General"). Before advising the Head...

Slaughter and Meat Supply (No. 17 of 2015).

Slaughterhouses shall be approved by the Competent Authority and shall be inspected before approval by a veterinary officer. The meat industry and the Competent Authority are jointly responsible for the production and distribution of safe and wholesome meat. The Act further provides, among other things for:...

Sale of Turkey Tails Prohibition Order 2011 (S.R. 2011/29).

This Order of the Minister of Health, made pursuant to section 7A of the Food and Drugs Act 1967, declares it to be unlawful to sell turkey tails and turkey tail products in Samoa. Any breach of this Order constitutes an offence under the Food...

Prohibition Order on the Importation Of Eggs Without Sell - By Date (Or Best Before Date Or Expiration Date)(S.R. 2010/13).

This Order of the Head of State, acting pursuant to section 49 of the Customs Act 1977, prohibits the importation of all eggs without sell-by date (or best before date or expiration date), on egg cartons and trays. ...

Pharmacy Act 2007.

This Act provides rules relative to the practice of pharmacists qualified and registered in accordance with this Act and the Healthcare Professions Registration and Standards Act. The Act establishes the Pharmacists Council, which shall assume the responsibilities of the Pharmaceutical Committee established under the Pharmacy Act...

Ministry of Health Act 2006.

The Ministry shall, among other things, assist the Minister to administer, as the case may require, the legislation set out in Schedule 1, which includes the Food and Drugs Act 1967 and the Poisons Act 1968. The Ministry shall be managed by a Chief Executive Officer....
2006 (2014)

Export of Meat Act, 1997.

This Act regulates the exportation of meat. Meat is defined in section 2. Premises shall be used as an export slaughterhouse unless the premises are licensed as such by the Director of Agriculture, Forests, Fisheries and Meteorology under this Act. No license shall be granted unless...
1997 (2007)

Poisons Act 1968.

Importation, packing or sale of a poison requires a licence or authority and importation may only be carried out by certain categories of persons. The Chief Executive Officer for the Ministry of Health shall keep a register of the licences issued by him or her...

Food and Drugs Act 1967.

The Minister may, by Order, prohibit the sale of any product or goods, or class of products or goods for health safety related purposes determined by the Minister. ...
1967 (2014)

Produce Export Ordinance 1961.

This Ordinance concerns public control on the quality of primary produce intended for exportation. “Primary produce” includes fruit, vegetables, trees, plants, shrubs, and roots, the carcasses or produce of animals, birds, and fish or any part thereof, and the non-manufactured products of any produce. It shall...
1961 (2007)

Health Ordinance 1959.

The rules contained in this Act concern, among other things, the keeping of animals, water supply systems and the control of food premises so as to avoid a danger to public health. ...
1959 (2006)

Samoan Market Ordinance 1927.

Samoan foodstuffs may, in a specified area, only be sold at the market and persons selling Samoan food at the market shall hold a licence to be issued by the Chief Inspector of Police. No person shall bring into the Market any Samoan foodstuffs unfit for...