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India’s Arjuna Natural spices company marks World Food Safety Day with employee training


The Indian botanical extract manufacturer, Arjuna Natural, took the opportunity of World Food Safety Day to train its staff in food safety and quality analysis. 

Special training sessions were based on the theme ‘Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow’ and were geared towards greater awareness of the significance of food safety and healthy living. Live discussions on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Food Safety and Quality Analysis Mechanisms were conducted.

“Safe food for everyone, every time, has always been our priority in each phase of our natural extraction process,” said Benny Antony, Joint Managing Director for Arjuna. He continued: “Manufacturers play a pivotal role by introducing healthy food through healthy means, thereby creating a food cycle that promotes healthy living."  

Arjuna Natural has been India's leading manufacturer of standardized spice and botanical extracts for food supplement industries dedicated to eco-friendly and sustainable practices since 1992. The company has customers in 64 countries and has an advanced research facility that works in collaboration with international universities on photochemistry, pharmacokinetics, formulation, development, pre-clinical and toxicity studies.


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