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TFAMR / an incredible achievement to complete work on new guidance on AMR surveillance


The Codex task force on antimicrobial resistance had to go into extra time on Wednesday 13 October 2021 but has succeeded in recommending that new Guidelines on Integrated Monitoring and Surveillance of Foodborne Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) will be sent for final adoption at the Codex Alimentarius Commission in November 2021.

Chairperson Yong Ho Park, Republic of Korea, said: “We knew the task would not be easy. I applaud with pride the compromises made by so many wonderful people to achieve our ultimate goal. I am sure the rewards of our collective efforts will provide a major contribution in combating AMR for future generations.”

The guidelines will assist governments in the design and implementation of integrated monitoring and surveillance programmes on AMR providing flexible options based on the resources, infrastructure, capacity and priorities of individual countries.

Work began in London in December 2016 and the work has been led by The Netherlands. “It has been a tremendous effort,” said Rosa Peran, chairperson of the electronic working group. “Opinions were very divergent but we finally achieved consensus which would not have been possible without the great support and assistance from the co-chairs, especially Canada and New Zealand. Now it is time to start thinking about implementation and how to support countries with this task.”

Leigh Nind, said “Australia  looks forward to seeing continual improvements in global AMR mitigation, which is now supported by the Code of Practice and Guidelines in conjunction with the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) Code.”

Allan Azegele, Kenya, said: “The task force has achieved a great milestone in extraordinary circumstances. Thanks to the Codex Secretariat for making it possible.”

Speaking as the session came to a close Tom Heilandt, Codex Secretary said: “The success of TFAMR has shown that complex tasks can be achieved in a  virtual meeting.”


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The draft guidelines will be made available on the TFAMR meeting page when the draft report of the session is published before adoption on Saturday 16 October 2021.

Photo credit: © Codex Republic of Korea

Chairperson Yong Ho Park, centre with Rosa Peran (right)