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World Food Safety Day event in Peru: What is your role in Food Safety?


As the World Food Safety Day theme states: "Food standards saves lives. It is not only crucial for food security, but also plays a key role in reducing foodborne diseases".

Our role is to take active action at every stage of the food chain in our homes, schools, universities, jobs, as consumers and in other phases where we participate.

That is why, in view of the "World Food Safety Day" 2023, to be held on June 7, I made a commitment to be able to serve in the field of food safety globally by preparing a webinar on what our role in food safety is, a personal initiative event to be held this Thursday, April 27 at 9.00 a.m.

Participate and sign up at the following link until the 26th of this month:

Get involved now, because Food Safety is Everyone’s Business!