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Nutrition students in Mexico organize their first ever World Food Safety Day event


Under the aegis of their course leader Luis Enrique Manzanero, students of the Degree in Nutrition at the Private University of the Peninsula (Universidad Privada de la Península - UPP) in Mérida Yucatán, carried out a series of activities in order to highlight World Food Safety Day in the university community.

There were three organized activities in which the students of nutrition, high school students and students of other disciplines participated. Among the activities carried out was the implementation of a workshop on the keys to food safety for high school adolescents.

A conference on food safety and the importance of food standards for the nutritionist was held for nutrition students, as well as the tasting of healthy food throughout the university in order to frame this important date in health.

Being the first time UPP students have participated in World Food Safety Day, the students organizing the events are grateful to Luis Enrique Manzanero for his organization and time, as well as to their fellow nutrition students for being part of these events.


 Photo © UPP