Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

The impacts of this pandemic on the food system has resulted in a diverse range of measures by national governments globally. The food system is interdependent as various food commodities come from different parts of the world. It is likely that some exotic fruits and vegetables that are taken for granted may soon become more expensive or almost non-existent in the Global North. Many countries will have to ensure that their countries rely less on exported foods. The COVID-19 measures taken by countries that produce food and food ingredients in the Global South will likely have impacts on food processing of such imported food crops in the Global North.

In the northern part of Finland, where I am currently based, there are concerns on recruiting seasonal migrant workers that often come to Finland to help with harvesting, picking of berries and mushrooms from the forest. Due to restrictions, many may not be able to come this summer which may eventally lead to many berries unharvested in the forest.

The impact of measures to face the COVID-19 pandemic on the exports of processed food crops will depend greatly on the ready availability of the raw food crops. So far, in Finland the policy of food distribution has been quite good, as there is no shortage of foods in grocery shops to date.

Somehow, we may likely see an increase in the price of foods due to less supply and food adulteration may likely increase, therefore, governments will need to ensure that the origin of food are well monitored to avoid frauds.