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Briefly went over this topic with the team here at "Monday Morning Meeting" and here are some added thoughts to consider. New PDF of the complete 1 & 2 below

Discussion points from 4/4/2022 Consolidation Talk:

For our group, many of these bullet points are redundant - however redundant in conversation it is not at all redundant in action and application.

The problem today is that people don't cherish good people anymore they try to use them. - Bob Marley

Household Routine Changes, Dynamic Perspective Considerations:

Households can offer individuals and families positions, doing small gardens even in five-gallon buckets on balconies. From composting to planting kitchen scraps and seeds, and working to do the same in other households in the area.

Considering that people are more sustainable in small groups of 6 to 90 persons and that land ownership is man-made, in actuality the world is our gift from God, with the only contract being that we don't kill it; we may even realize we can enhance it, and in so enhance greatly ourselves.

At the individual level, we must make big directional changes.

Take a vacation to a new place of beauty, nature, and nutrition to get into your best brain gear.

Independent households can provide positions for refugees, migrants,

Participating in natural life is about routine and ritual more than anything else.

It is the method, not the madness.

Table scraps and seeds and a time donation into community gardens from community members.

Those who can participate reap the rewards, and small gardens can really produce!

It starts with compost and soil.

What do we need?

A good space that will experience no-control-freak culture, and even and anti-control-freak culture with some good knowledge getting kicked around it seems a five to fifteen person and a logbook work great. Here in Panama, the lifestyle of living on-site for a small $600 a month in order to fulfill a list of minimum mandatory motions is acceptable to many and we ourselves stay on top of a large number of and size of farming installations.

Winners are with other winners or they are alone. There is always an army of losers who just don't get it. Join the winners club inhabit, and maybe you get in for real.

It's all about the rhythm, the routine, the ritual that sets the magic in motion.

We can spend years in the gym with awesome results to show, and some spend years in the gym with no results to show. It is the method to the madness.

You must have the right knowledge, through experimentation, wisdom, or teaching in order to get the results.