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Mr. Brandon Eisler

Organization: Nutritional Diversity
Country: Panama
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A biodiverse nutrition study, based in the Republic of Panama, has come to be known as Nutritional Diversity food science ( ). Every day, developing a more complete full and sufficient nutritional information that provides hugely to world health and nutritional security. Testing, a tested, functional performance enhancement formula to athletes and so far for the treatment of most physical problems, obesity, diabetics, high blood pressure, depression, sleep dysfunction, joint repair, malnutrition, arthritis, colitis, erectile dysfunction, and likely a long list of other ailments. Essentially finding that 30-60 specie are a minimum sufficiency requirement in diet, and that even more appropriately would be around 100, a drastic difference than today's culture of thee to ten cooked things on three large plates per day. Modern agriculture produces a malnutrient, largely unknown to the consumer. Also found is human digestive potential much more receptive than today's nutritional guidelines would indicate. Wild acknowledgements such as that several generations have lived and died never feeding themselves a sufficient diet, have been concluded, and a dedicated effort to use species used in previous era's has become a very supportive leg in our overall diet designs. We now work almost exclusively with species and produce not found in the grocery store.

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      Collegues, it is time now more than ever the urgent time to offer the diverse studies of Nutritional Diversity concepts, to enhance the health and productivity on this planet both ecologically, mentally and communally, using team efforts to conduct these operations! See more on institutional and governmental redirection potenitals here.

      Benefits of Animal Implementation into "Guerilla Permaculture Systems"

      Having diverse alternative agriculture trails can offer several benefits to animals, particularly in terms of their feeding habits and overall well-being. Here are some potential advantages:

      Cable systems can contain animals efficiently and to the potential appeasement of concerned parties, keep animals (such as goats) from eating the entire area; cable systems can slowly move animals like that of a ski lift, at ski resorts. Solar power is recommended, animal harness not a collar to be used if this case is implemented. Corrals with small roofs for younger and during storm weather should be established along the trail of this type, and programs can be used to return animals to corrals during storms.

      1. Nutritional Diversity: Different agricultural practices may produce a variety of crops and plants. This diversity can provide animals with a range of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for their health. Foraging across diverse landscapes allows animals to meet their nutritional needs more effectively.

      2. Adaptability: Animals that have access to diverse agriculture trails are likely to develop a higher level of adaptability. They can learn to navigate various environments and food sources, which can be crucial for their survival in changing conditions, such as seasonal fluctuations or environmental shifts.

      3. Reduced Competition: A variety of agriculture trails can distribute food resources more widely, reducing competition among animal populations. This can lead to a more balanced ecosystem, preventing overgrazing or overconsumption of specific plant species, which, in turn, supports the overall health of the ecosystem.

      4. Resilience to Environmental Changes: Diversity in agricultural practices can create resilient ecosystems. If a particular crop or plant species fails due to disease, pests, or environmental changes, animals that have access to alternative trails can still find sustenance, minimizing the impact of such events on the local wildlife.

      5. Enhanced Biodiversity: Diverse agriculture trails contribute to overall biodiversity by supporting a variety of plant and animal species. This biodiversity is crucial for the stability and health of ecosystems, as each species plays a unique role in maintaining ecological balance. Animal waste and its presence stimulate food growth in a natural format. 

      6. Behavioral Enrichment: Access to diverse agriculture trails encourages natural foraging behaviors in animals. Foraging is not just about finding food; it also involves problem-solving, exploration, and mental stimulation. This behavioral enrichment contributes to the overall well-being and cognitive health of the animals.

      7. Migration and Genetic Diversity: Some animals rely on migration patterns to find food and suitable habitats. Diverse agriculture trails can provide stopover points and varied resources during these migrations, supporting genetic diversity within populations and reducing the risk of inbreeding.

      8. Ecosystem Services: Animals contribute to ecosystem services such as pollination and seed dispersal; and waste fertilization. Diverse agriculture trails enhance these services, benefiting both the agricultural landscape and the natural environment by promoting plant reproduction and growth.

      In summary, diverse alternative agriculture trails can positively impact animals by offering nutritional diversity, promoting adaptability, reducing competition, enhancing resilience to environmental changes, supporting biodiversity, providing behavioral enrichment, facilitating migration, and contributing to essential ecosystem services. This diversity is key to the sustainability and health of both animal populations and the ecosystems they inhabit.

      Please see more about developing the most appropriate, most powerful alternative agriculture, and productivity to your life!


      Dear Esteemed Collegues,

      It is insanely important that we get on board with the complete science, NO GAPS, the constraints and oppositions are cultural, governmental and institutional. Quickly we can right now re-direct efforts through this new knowledge of literal freedom and food abundance for all

      It is going to take one hell of a movement that is for sure, but in the end it will take a redirection of war forces for example, or prison labors for another, or the poverty sector can learn and do this on it's own also through our new courses in the making.    --  please get in touch here if you wish to help enrich any of this.

      Potentials in Small Fisheries as nature prescribes

      Potentials in Small Fisheries along the " guerilla permaculture trail" are vast, and especially in the goal of poverty irradiation can play super-enhancing roles in completing and enhancing the operation.

      The presence of diverse alternative agriculture trails near natural rivers, and irrigation channels can bring several benefits to small fisheries, fostering a more sustainable and resilient ecosystem. Here are some potential advantages:

      1. Nutrient Input: Agriculture trails near rivers or irrigation can act as a source of nutrient runoff, enriching the water with organic matter and nutrients. This increased nutrient availability can enhance the productivity of the river ecosystem, providing a more abundant food supply for fish and other aquatic organisms.

      2. Habitat Diversity: The diversity of plant life along agriculture trails contributes to the creation of diverse habitats along riverbanks. Different plant species provide hiding places, spawning grounds, and shelter for fish, promoting biodiversity within the aquatic ecosystem.

      3. Buffer Against Pollution: Vegetation along agriculture trails can act as a buffer, filtering out pollutants from runoff before they reach the river. This helps maintain water quality and reduces the negative impacts of agricultural runoff on fish populations.

      4. Stabilization of Riverbanks: Plant roots from vegetation along agriculture trails help stabilize riverbanks, preventing erosion. Stable riverbanks create a more favorable environment for fish habitats, as they reduce sedimentation and maintain clear water conditions.

      5. Shade and Temperature Regulation: Trees and other vegetation along agriculture trails provide shade, helping to regulate water temperature in the river. This is particularly important for fish species that are sensitive to temperature changes. Maintaining suitable water temperatures contributes to the overall health and well-being of fish.

      6. Food Sources: The diverse plant life along agriculture trails can contribute to the availability of insects and other invertebrates, serving as additional food sources for fish. This can enhance the nutritional diversity of the fish diet, supporting their growth and reproduction.

      7. Connectivity and Migration Routes: Agriculture trails can act as corridors connecting different habitats along the river. This connectivity is crucial for the migration of fish, allowing them to move between spawning, feeding, and nursery areas. Uninterrupted migration routes contribute to the sustainability of fish populations.

      8. Economic Opportunities for Local Communities: Diverse agriculture trails can support local economies by providing resources for both agriculture and fisheries. Small-scale farmers and fishers may find mutually beneficial relationships, such as using agricultural by-products as fish feed or engaging in integrated farming practices.

      9. Cultural and Recreational Values: A diverse natural environment contributes to the cultural and recreational values of the area. This can attract ecotourism and recreational activities centered around fishing, benefiting local communities and providing an incentive for conservation efforts.

      10. Water Regulation and Flow Management: Vegetation along agriculture trails can contribute to water regulation by absorbing excess water during periods of heavy rainfall and releasing it gradually. This natural flow management helps prevent flooding and ensures a more stable and suitable environment for fish.

      In summary, the presence of diverse alternative agriculture trails near-natural rivers can have multifaceted benefits for small fisheries, promoting habitat diversity, water quality, stable riverbanks, and overall ecosystem health. These positive interactions contribute to the sustainability of both agricultural and fisheries practices, supporting the well-being of local communities and the environment.

      They are no doubt essential focus to a complete and balanced ecological and human health optimization and enhancement.


      IMPORTANT: A conversation missed in the ecological study, and movement - Leaders in this movement, need to start overcoming their challenges with a whole new approach, we need you to be your best, inyour best shape and able to do hard work and outthink hard problems! There is no better way to get mindset and fitness results than to catch them from someone who has them. There are people available now to help you get into your best form. We need the people involved with our ecology to be strong, disciplined, noble examples and leaders. 

      Science perhaps should have ventured in this direction of combining the elements, but instead, this hugely important community opted for the "direction of dissection." They are almost opposed to realizing diverse combinations, and creative nutrition building as a study. Right now, in modern culture (North America), what I am talking about in terms of planning out a "highly diverse diet to optimize yourself "is a "crazy" idea - "that likely has a lot less of a benefit than I say it does." At this time it seems that cool is to be dumb and Cheetos are good nutrients for kids. I keep repeating myself so a few young people I care about consider the nutritional idea at least, and actually discover the full performance benefits. How many people take the time to even try it?

      Pay deep attention to nature and everything will become more clear. -Albert Einstein

      It can be further argued that gains in atmospheric richness by practice such as guerrilla permaculture at a large enough scale would be significant.

      This would be a natural solution to both carbon and food-related concerns.


      Greeting colleagues, thank you each for your efforts in what those of us who have genuinely endeavored into the natural sciences know as the undoubted number one priority for all; an attention to nature. I want to contribute that this attention should be extremely thorough, offered by experienced feild individuals ONLY, and this is a conversation like all things today that needs to be defended from pollutants and ill-intentioned organisms. Our climate and food supply and quality of life can all be insanely abundant and good! It totally can! Many biologists and ecologists have looked at the quantitative possibilities and know that this is very doable by human hand, and the fix is cultural, educational, political, and actually fairly simple (see "BioTribe" link below).

      A Natural Culture: True Harmony with Nature

      It sounds extreme to the modern man, that every human should be tending to nature, enhancing it, pronouncing, promoting, and producing it; as a journey to the absolute best quality of life, technology, and even freedom.

      The idea that every human should be tending to nature, enhancing it, promoting and producing it, as a journey to the absolute best quality of life, technology and even freedom is rooted in the recognition of the interconnectedness between human well-being and the natural environment. This concept encompasses various aspects of sustainability, conservation, and ecological stewardship.

      Tending to nature involves recognizing the importance of our natural surroundings and actively engaging in efforts to protect and restore them. It means embracing practices that minimize harm to the environment and actively working toward its preservation. By tending to nature, we acknowledge that our well-being and quality of life are intricately linked to the health of the ecosystems that support us.

      The Bio-Tribe Xprize team spelled out a carbon and food crisis solution in a completely supportable, with the math criteria to use small fragments of the population, such as military and incarcerated persons, to take care of our natural business on this gloriously blessed ball of life.

      Enhancing nature goes beyond preservation and involves actively working to improve the natural world. This can include initiatives such as reforestation, habitat restoration, and the promotion of biodiversity. By enhancing nature, we contribute to the resilience of ecosystems, which in turn provides numerous benefits to human societies. It can lead to cleaner air and water, improved soil fertility, increased food security, and healthier climate.

      Promoting nature entails spreading awareness and advocating for the value of nature in our lives. It involves fostering a deep appreciation for the natural world and inspiring others to take the action. By promoting nature, we encourage a collective consciousness that recognizes the need for sustainable practices and responsible resource management. This can lead to a shift in societal values and behaviors, creating a culture that prioritizes the well-being of both humans and the environment.

      Our group has been promoting the use of all natural herbs and concoctions for athletic use. We are athletes ourselves, and we know the athletic nutrition market is always very strong, athletes are strong, and their commitment to nutrition is strong. Our 'biodiverse food study,' and ongoing study has looked at highly diverse diets over the last decade and the powerful results in every examination and expiration against every case, condition and goal. We are now introducing a phone application where users worldwide can work with all natural recommendations to address goals, preventive health, athletics, and lifestyle using all natural ingredients. Through this work with diverse issues and users, we can start to advance our natural health knowledge and build a more solid case study behind it.

      "Producing nature" refers to sustainable practices that integrate human activities with the natural environment. It involves pursuing methods of production that minimize negative environmental impacts and prioritize long-term ecological health - "Permaculture.". This can include adopting regenerative agriculture practices, supporting local and organic food systems, and implementing renewable energy sources. By producing nature, we align our economic activities with the principles of sustainability, ensuring that our actions are in harmony with the natural world.

      We have found a wide spectrum of different personalities and cultures and home geography moving to places like Costa Rica, Bali, and Hawaii in search of a functional natural lifestyle. They usually had serious health or social issues and conflicts that drove them to embark on this journey. Some come to rural, harmonious living for a chapter and return to city/modern life, and some stay in the "sustainable scene" permanently. All of them seem to refer to their dedicated experiences in this kind of other life as some of the most important experiences they have ever had. This experience in natural relation was also much more known and valued by historical cultures as well, and we believe this total disconnect from nature today is the direct root of MOST social, economical, political and environmental issues today. We certainly fee that any voice that speaks on issues such as food crisis or climate concerns should have a dedicated decade at the least in nature life and study - we do have plenty of these people! We have also identified that this lack of natural experience to heads of the social-cultural influences, is irresponsible and frankly very obviously irresponsible. It is this lack in natural relation, that allows for this lack of observation and calculated logic, because every dedicated long term, genuine, student of nature understands these principles inherently. In our unique journey, again, which should be the principal human journey; we have also discovered that narcissistic personality disorder people directly seek power positions, and because of their disorder will do anything including dishonest and the worst of things to get these positions. Because of our lack of ability to assess this disorder or "cluster b" personalities, and screen any Politian or Government official for this dis-order (which we have the tools do to - See "MMPI2 test" also see Anti-Narcissism by Kia Karlberg), we now have a government saturated by mentally sick control-freaks who are constantly deceptive and problematic as a way of maintaining and achieving their positions. Money, nor certificate, is the root of all evil, it is these dis-honest actually diabolical people that psychiatry has recognize for more than a century now that are the "root of all evil."

      The journey towards the absolute best quality of life, technology, and even freedom is intimately linked to our relationship with nature. A healthy and thriving environment provides the foundation for human well-being. It offers clean air and water, fertile soils for agriculture, and a rich array of ecosystems that can be sources of inspiration, recreation, and discovery. By recognizing our interconnectedness with nature and actively engaging in its preservation and enhancement, we pave the way for a sustainable future.

      Technology can play a crucial role in this journey by offering innovative solutions that promote sustainability and minimize environmental impact. Advancements in fields such as renewable energy, waste management, and ecological monitoring can contribute to a more harmonious relationship between humans and nature. By harnessing the power of technology in conjunction with responsible environmental practices, we can create a future where both human progress and ecological health can coexist.

      In this vision, freedom is not merely the absence of constraints but rather the ability to live in harmony with the natural world. It is the freedom to enjoy clean air, clean water, and access to natural spaces. It is the freedom from the adverse effects of environmental degradation and climate change. By tending to, enhancing, promoting, and producing nature, we ensure the freedom to thrive in a world where the well-being of both humans and the environment are equally valued and prioritized.

      In conclusion, the idea of tending to nature, enhancing it, promoting and producing it as a journey to the absolute best quality of life, technology, and freedom recognizes the fundamental connectedness between human well-being and the natural environment. It emphasizes the need to embrace sustainable practices, raise awareness, and actively work towards preserving and improving the health of our ecosystems. By doing so, we can create a future where both humans and nature thrive together in harmony.


      One of the most effective forms of natural land ecological enhancement is habitat restoration. Habitat restoration involves the process of returning a degraded or disturbed ecosystem to its original state or improving its functionality. This approach focuses on reestablishing the natural vegetation, water systems, and ecological processes that support a diverse range of species.

      Here are some key aspects of habitat restoration that make it highly effective:

      1. Biodiversity Conservation: Habitat restoration aims to recreate or enhance habitats that support a wide variety of plant and animal species. By restoring native vegetation, removing invasive species, and reintroducing key species, the overall biodiversity of the area can be significantly increased. This helps to preserve and protect ecosystems and their invaluable ecological services.
      2. Ecosystem Services: Restored habitats provide essential ecosystem services such as water purification, carbon sequestration, soil stabilization, and flood control. These services contribute to the overall health and resilience of the environment, benefiting both wildlife and human communities.
      3. Ecological Connectivity: Restoration projects often focus on reconnecting fragmented habitats to create corridors for wildlife movement. This allows for the migration of species, gene flow, and access to resources, which is crucial for maintaining healthy populations and promoting ecological resilience.
      4. Water Management: Habitat restoration can include restoring wetlands, riparian zones, and watersheds, which play a vital role in water filtration, flood mitigation, and maintaining water quality. Restoring these areas helps to regulate water flow, reduce erosion, and create valuable aquatic habitats.
      5. Community Engagement and Education: Successful habitat restoration projects often involve engaging local communities, raising awareness, and fostering a sense of stewardship. By involving the community in the restoration process, there is a greater chance of long-term success and continued support for conservation efforts.
      6. Adaptive Management: Effective habitat restoration involves ongoing monitoring and adaptive management. This means assessing the progress of the restoration project, making adjustments as needed, and continuously learning from the results. Adaptive management allows for the implementation of evidence-based practices and ensures the long-term success of the restoration efforts.

      It's important to note that the most effective form of natural land ecological enhancement may vary depending on the specific ecological context, such as the type of ecosystem, its level of degradation, and the presence of any unique or endangered species. Tailoring restoration efforts to the specific needs and characteristics of the area is crucial for achieving the best possible outcomes.

      Overall, habitat restoration is a powerful tool for enhancing and promoting ecological health. By restoring degraded ecosystems, we can support biodiversity, ecosystem services, and ecological connectivity, ultimately leading to a more sustainable and resilient natural environment.

      A less-popular, more effective approach to enhancement, carbon conversion and food production that not many know about is Rudolf Steiner's biodynamic Agriculture.

      If every human being on the planet worked to produce Rudolf Steiner's biodynamic Agriculture, it would have significant implications for the global agricultural system and the environment. biodynamic agriculture is an organic farming approach that seeks to integrate the spiritual, ecological, and ethical aspects of food production. Here's an overview of some potential outcomes:

      1. Ecological Sustainability: biodynamic agriculture places a strong emphasis on soil health, biodiversity, and ecological balance. It promotes practices such as composting, crop rotation, and the use of natural fertilizers and pest control methods. If implemented on a global scale, biodynamic agriculture could contribute to the restoration and preservation of soil fertility, reduction of chemical inputs, and enhanced biodiversity.
      2. Regenerative Land Management: biodynamic practices, such as cover cropping, enhance soil structure, water retention, and carbon sequestration. The widespread adoption of these methods could help mitigate climate change by sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and promoting sustainable land management practices that reduce soil erosion and improve water quality.
      3. Enhanced Food Quality and Nutrition: biodynamic agriculture emphasizes the production of nutrient-dense, high-quality food. The avoidance of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) can result in healthier, more nutritious crops. This can have positive effects on human health and well-being, potentially reducing the risks of certain diseases associated with pesticide exposure and poor nutrition.
      4. Local and Sustainable Food Systems: biodynamic agriculture often advocates for localized food production and distribution systems. If universally practiced, this could lead to the development of more resilient and self-sufficient local food networks, reducing dependence on long-distance transportation and minimizing the carbon footprint associated with the global food trade.
      5. Cultural and Spiritual Connection to Food: biodynamic agriculture encourages a deeper connection between farmers, consumers, and the land. It emphasizes the role of agricultural practices in fostering a sense of reverence and respect for nature, as well as recognizing the spiritual and cultural dimensions of food production. This holistic approach could contribute to a more mindful and sustainable relationship with the food we consume.

      However, it's important to consider the practical challenges and limitations of implementing biodynamic agriculture on a global scale. biodynamic practices often require significant knowledge, labor, and time investment. The transition from conventional agriculture to biodynamic methods may be more challenging for larger-scale industrial operations. Additionally, regional variations in climate, soil conditions, and cultural contexts would need to be taken into account.

      Overall, if every human being on the planet worked to produce Rudolf Steiner's biodynamic Agriculture, it would likely result in a more sustainable, regenerative, and spiritually connected approach to food production. However, achieving such widespread adoption would require a collective commitment, education, and supportive policies to overcome the practical challenges and ensure the long-term viability and scalability of biodynamic farming method.

      We have experiemented at some starting length introducing the idea, of enhancing life and "cultivating a green motive" using some of the digital video game technologies of today.



    • Briefly went over this topic with the team here at "Monday Morning Meeting" and here are some added thoughts to consider. New PDF of the complete 1 & 2 below

      Discussion points from 4/4/2022 Consolidation Talk:

      For our group, many of these bullet points are redundant - however redundant in conversation it is not at all redundant in action and application.

      The problem today is that people don't cherish good people anymore they try to use them. - Bob Marley

      Household Routine Changes, Dynamic Perspective Considerations:

      Households can offer individuals and families positions, doing small gardens even in five-gallon buckets on balconies. From composting to planting kitchen scraps and seeds, and working to do the same in other households in the area.

      Considering that people are more sustainable in small groups of 6 to 90 persons and that land ownership is man-made, in actuality the world is our gift from God, with the only contract being that we don't kill it; we may even realize we can enhance it, and in so enhance greatly ourselves.

      At the individual level, we must make big directional changes.

      Take a vacation to a new place of beauty, nature, and nutrition to get into your best brain gear.

      Independent households can provide positions for refugees, migrants,

      Participating in natural life is about routine and ritual more than anything else.

      It is the method, not the madness.

      Table scraps and seeds and a time donation into community gardens from community members.

      Those who can participate reap the rewards, and small gardens can really produce!

      It starts with compost and soil.

      What do we need?

      A good space that will experience no-control-freak culture, and even and anti-control-freak culture with some good knowledge getting kicked around it seems a five to fifteen person and a logbook work great. Here in Panama, the lifestyle of living on-site for a small $600 a month in order to fulfill a list of minimum mandatory motions is acceptable to many and we ourselves stay on top of a large number of and size of farming installations.

      Winners are with other winners or they are alone. There is always an army of losers who just don't get it. Join the winners club inhabit, and maybe you get in for real.

      It's all about the rhythm, the routine, the ritual that sets the magic in motion.

      We can spend years in the gym with awesome results to show, and some spend years in the gym with no results to show. It is the method to the madness.

      You must have the right knowledge, through experimentation, wisdom, or teaching in order to get the results.


    • Effective approaches to channeling x into sustainable investment in agribusiness: The importance of "Nutritional Diversity." part 1 

      A fatal error exists in modern culture - likely many do. For many minds today exists a total disregard for nature, natural knowledge, and understanding of nature, even simple things like planting a plant, and understanding time in nature; should be two basic first learned and regularly routine fixtures of a strong, healthy human culture. Furthermore, the depth of this nature connection is essential to everything we know, how could we possibly think that it is not?

      From the start to the finish, nature shows us a dynamic diversity that works together. We go with a now chemically dependent singular culture model for our later consumption that kills thousands of species a day per square foot. It affects negatively the entire ecosystem on the planet. We struggle with the immune system or lack of that, and health crisis in 50 plus forms at this time. We have built islands of trash and killed a huge percentage of the life on this planet in the name of various industries; one of the largest being the agriculture industry. The whole world is guilty.

      The current migrant situation today and the large prison population today and the military population today {x} are all great opportunities to quickly make up for a lost time here, restore ecology, and innovate for natural restorations and health potentials [a].

      Governments (1) should most certainly incentive green conversions, green roofs, and new green installments, operations, and activities in an all-natural method, maybe even with all-natural permaculture (Mullison.B) method education (example) [b] since that is not what we have available today. All of these and more surely clear no-brainer investments compared to many ongoing biological investments now. It doesn't stop at subsidies and incentives; job creation for land enhancement, land enhancement research - specifically biodynamic (Steiner, R.) applications and evolutions could drastically improve our quality of life, health both personally and ecologically, and in long-term sustainability.

      Diverse natural diets [c] 1 reduce the nation's health costs, 2 reduce toxic mission from agriculture, 3. reduce soil decay, and 4 promote ecological vitality - arguably the most important feature of the land.

      Air and water, "green equity" - the most valuable equity (air, breath) no one considers, and water health is improved by conscious direction and through biodynamic land enhancements [d].

      The natural teacher (nature) can resolve many of today's conceptual difficulties and return solid grounding to cultures that have floated away in their own creative fantasy - that turns out harmful to our world. So many lessons in the natural exchange missing from today will restore; what is missing from today.

      Provides incomes, health, and freedom to migrants and underfunded families.

      With or without government participation, this "diverse all-natural" agenda can and should go on, and can be a very profitable self-start business the poor can come up with quickly and in several ways at once. If I had a diverse all-natural ingredient smoothie or salad bar, dinner or even snack stand in my area I would be there ten times a week. I travel regularly great distances to rare places that do have, and more and more athletes in my gym and from my small cooperative of farms come with me each time.

      There are several avenues to take, for example;

      Independent small "garden to table businesses" that educate their communities about 1 the toxins in modern agriculture, 2 about the benefits of more natural consumption, and 3 provide the nutritional diversity diet variety minimums to deliver a solid effect and culturing that will make for a substantial permanent upgrade and understanding of how important it is to hit the high mark - and remove the low marks from our biological practices. This right now has been more important to athletes and they are perfect to take the concept forward because they work hard! Food buying groups, compost operation operators, biodynamic preparations specialists, all-natural fertilizer makers, micro-greens growers, gardeners, animal farmers, chocolate and cheesemakers will be able to fill specialty fields.

      Invest in the talented, bio-artists, innovators, and engineers who are and have been growing stuff in this field now!  Those of us who have remained steady and consistent in our efforts, education, and advancement can make good leaders, and set the right trends and examples to move us along the God-given path past ultimate health and onto superior mental and athletic ability through the nuclear potentials in biological activity right in front of us. This is the innovation of the most basic importance that we have skipped over in search of new mechanical and computation technologies. To make a nice-looking veer off onto this road with a good chunk of the human potential into the very potent leg of "natural enhancement [b]" would be pretty smart of us about 10-100 years ago. "Permacultures" are near match producing modern agriculture today on many sites, a very published science with 60 years in practice.

      Land appropriations and new land purchases for all-natural no-chemical use farming and conscious, educated, respectful, and careful enhancements to normal ecologists. How no government grants to this currently is beyond me and I am thankful for the forest protection that does go on. Fire lands, lands robbed for cattle raising are excellent first candidates for this very necessary practice.

      We have an experiment (and there are others like ours) with new blockchain technology, offering a valuable* non-fungible token of limited production in exchange for land and tree care via GPS (Global Position System) oriented grow log participation. Ideas are happening about an eco-based action economy where appreciation of these ecologically supportive activities has the opportunity to become a new base rate for humans who choose to support such attention. We have even gone to the extent of developing a video game that targets-26 years old's and plans to offer a "metaverse" position for ecologically and personal health-supportive trends. These are great networking potentials for new people to this passion [e].

      There are ten roads to the other side no doubt, and I would suggest investment into crossing each on getting to this particular destination.


      In Panama now ten years our small group has done a lot with a little and we can tell you alternative agriculture investment interest is still a very difficult pursuit. We are familiar with the red tape of the North, the lack of education in the South, and the stranglehold of modern agriculture on it all. It is very much up to an alternative culture completely to step up to doing better for themselves, their children, and their communities and make these changes, go into this business, add this natural and diverse future.

      After a month of research and networking a person or family could be off to the races in a new nitch field where the possibilities are endless and the discoveries miraculous. It is a solid business concept it appeases multiple existing markets and an even more solid pursuit for mankind in general. Facilitation of new channels of investment will be important moving forward that provide liquidity options and formal securities to investors.

      Information exchange and merit-building conversations for this field have continuously returned my team thinktanks to the metaverse inevitability as a robust place to moderate operational structures within communities  (time regulated for less personal mental health risk of course). There is great benefit in natural arts, sciences, and business communities.

      Separation is the thought-enemy in this science. We need a science of combinations of strategically selected diverse elements at just the right times to conjure up the higher forces of nature. We will do all this for the smallest improvements, but over time it will amount to a mountain of health, intelligence, performance, prosperity, and wellbeing. Science in the direction of dissection,  separation, and isolation has yielded the most error-ridden and overcomplicated system of total imbalance.

      I hope we do find a functional implementation for both the migrant populous and the ecology.


      Brandon, Nutritional Diversity


      We concluded, long ago that the more diverse the diets and more diverse species in nature able to work together are the best performing biologies.

      The opportunity for health and performance gains in diverse biological studies is seemingly limitless and should be a priority.


      a. "Bio-Tribe" Xprize, Cabron Removal Team, Panama - Natural Soil Enhancement, Diversified Diet and Agricultural modeling.

      b. "Nutritional Diversity" Education Channel example

      c. Nutritional Diversity Concept diets

      d. Integrative "Eco-Food" Concept Pioneering

      e. ND Non-Fungible Token concept

      (Mullison B., Steiner R.)

    • The number one [1] best change to make in reducing inequalities for food security and nutrition is agriculturally integrated 'permaculture' method and start converting mono-culture lands to multi-crop and multi-use species to produce the lumber the farm will need each decade, the straw the farm will need each decade, and the feed each animal there will need, the flowers that the bees need, etc. A functioning ecosystem as nature gives it to us; in an extensive, rich diversity.

      Mud bricks were something we used to a lot of and now we don't use, however going back to natural easy to make yourself structures could prove immensely beneficial to the bank account of the farmer, the material and industrial demand and supply chain, and the environment.

      Supporting companies, cooperatives, and persons who make these types of changes gives us a great stock both in health for ourselves and our loved ones and the health of our ecosystem as a whole.

      Like with boxing, ju-jitsu, painting, drawing, sculpting, music-making, or any art; it is little changes, almost hair-line that make all the difference.

      Like mud bricks garbage and waste from the "previous area of ill consciousness" into the "era of coherent cohesive harmonious conscience," such as tires and bottles can be used as filament for structure - the 'Earthship' movement of New Mexico and the Permaculture movement worldwide has done a lot with this.

      Where nature shows us combinations, modern science takes us in the 'direction of dissection" breaking down and isolating elements. This can be a good study but the curious absence of the direction of the connection is now prying at the door of destabilization.

      Small changes can be made with global education and pronouncement to enhance the ecology to surpass all fears and all hopes to create an incredibly rich and vital atmosphere for all. It is totally doable.

      Farmers are often shocked to hear of metaphysical templates for extreme production, however today we have many tested verifications of Rudolph Steiner's Biodynamic Agriculture - which is just a starting place for highly-productive earth culturing. Another area that modern science is unable to enter for whatever reason.

      Regardless of current stigmas and proceeding with results-based navigation towards success it is time to start getting behind some of the people who are already doing this to spread the culture.

      I have some recommendations on this.

      Xprize has launched a Carbon Conversion Competition (which is still open for registry, and several teams have won milestone prizes of 1 million dollars already such as the Climate Foundation ( doing a marine permaculture model which is surely going to be very important, and the University of Iowa who is doing a land soil-based enhancement much like our Bio-Tribe Team here in Panama (, The XPrize group and community has become a fantastic group of environmentalists, and conscious scientists who are attacking things from every angle! There are groups on the Xprize site that are reforesting corrals in the oceans, and working cutting edge waste conversion technologies, and with the help of the masses, they can really get things going everywhere quickly.

      After being a student of alternative agriculture for a decade this is the most promising splash on the radar I have seen.

      So today I pray (and it is a special day for many reasons) that we each take five minutes and find one of these grassroots doing it for the love and the karma communities of actual down to Earth scientists to get us back on track!

      Here in the mountains here, a river called the Cxxxxa should be full of fish to the point where you can't cross it without being pelted. This river has no fish. This is because of monoculture coffee farms that cover the mountain. The chemical runoff is so toxic no fish exit in the big Cxxxxa river. Such a gorgeous volcanic "black gold" soil area, a total shame.

      This world is a food production machine, the problem is that we came up with "I know better than nature" model and ran that thing to ridiculous.

      The good news is we can use most of the equipment and labor still we just need to change up our methods a bit. This turnaround prioritization will answer to climate change fears and enhance greatly our quality of life and happiness across the globe as well as that of all the living things here.

      The second thing [2] to emphasize in reducing inequalities for food security and nutrition is the business opportunity and model that exists where new diverse small agricultures can produce for consumers non-toxic diverse nutrition. As they educate their community on the benefits of their product versus the grocery, the little man on the short end of this inequality can regain the income of agricultural labor and do much better than the previous working wage. 

      For example; My cows get a Nutritional Diversity diet of a richness that other feeding areas do not have - not even close. My customer base is very solid. I have diverse vegetables of higher quality and growing strength and products the store does not have. I can almost immediately start putting this Nutritional Diversity diet ( together finding small farmers already doing 'permaculture' small organic farming and offering a full or half pantry of better quality goods to clients from several. I have educated them on something helpful that really does benefit their life and loved ones' lives. So this is a great business model all around that anyone can get into.

      Wherever I go I help a few gardens even ones on urban balconies and rooftops and they are always happy to throw a bag of veggies at me when I swing through. I find these kinds of excellent qualities all over participation in a natural uplifting role like this. It is not a millionaire life every time but being in this groove of the record plays nicely. Being on the same positive, interesting learning "bio-page" (the great thing also about biological nature is no one person will ever get close to learning it all), with others is helpful and nurturing to social connections as well - arguably the thing we live for the most.


      Brandon E.

      Nutritional Diversity Diet Science, Panama

    • May 1, 2021

      TO: FAO


      SUBJ: Core food and agricultural indicators for measuring the private sector’s contribution to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals

      Sustainability is a natural component of our ecology. We are the only species that lives in an unsustainable manner. The United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization wants to know how to evaluate private sector sustainability contributions.

      Here are my top 3 importance's that will indicate a more sustainable contribution from private sector agriculturists.

      Switch from mono-culture style to natural fertilization making and diverse agriculture systems.

      Sustainable energy resource investments, solar, small hydro and wind, etc.

      Increases in diverse production.

      I can only add that the more diverse and sustainable the operation, the better the produce dynamically and we know well through our study diverse nutrition = a higher quality of life and less suffering.

      Brandon E.

      Senior Research Person

      Bio-dynamic Food Study, Panama

      1. I can't speak to Africa but here in Bocas del Toro, Panama we are working a new permaculture concept that fits perfectly to a fast "action plan" pretty much anywhere.
      2. The mentioned species should work or substitutes can be chosen for African sub climates.
      3. This abstract article entitled Guerilla Permaculture is related to future projects and experimentation, and it may not be for everyone. It's certainly alternative thinking and is written to provoke specifically more "outside of the box" thought. It's not that alternative, being it is the most in-line with nature concept in the discussion.

      The beautiful point plainly addressed; to live in harmony with nature using public lands and be productive, could be coined as Guerilla Permaculture, a title which describes kinda how I imagine harmonious natural life in my mind, anyway.

      The installment of excellent species is out there now. It takes only to learn the immediate surrounding nature over a great area of land, and know the locations of good food trees and shrubs and be able to assemble a masterpiece of a meal menu from them.

      It is just about proven truth that a diverse gathering of greens provided the evolutionary step to making spear and fire yet, it not known as so much to what degrees that a highly strategic nutritional diversity diet plan has the ability to go beyond the primitive selection.

      You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.”
      ― Bob Marley

      Science perhaps should have ventured in this direction, but instead, this community opted for the "direction of dissection" as opposed to realizing diverse combinations, and creative study. Right now, to modern culture (North American) what I am talking about in terms of planning out a "highly diverse diet to optimize yourself "is a crazy idea, that likely has a lot less of a benefit than I say it does. At this time it seems that cool is to be dumb and Cheetos are good. I really keep repeating myself so a few young people I care about consider the idea, and actually discover the athletic benefits. 

      Since the pandemic, a health wave of fitness enthusiasm in the Bocas del Toro Islands has begun. I have been running biking and swimming here for ten years off and on. Biking and surfing is something you see a lot of. But there has always been more partying in the night then runners in the morning, and now I am joined even by a small few at 5 am, which has never been the case for me before.

      Humbly, I would like to cover a few points of disclamatory wisdom that can offer a positive perspective and helpful must-knows from a world(s) of experience not everyone reading this has had.

      I should say if you take land be prepared to give food and plants away. This particular idea likely works the best on public land. This idea should not be the root of land disputes so always do your homework and check with authorities. You should be able to get written permission to do at least a little garden somewhere for you to start.

      Wisdom 1.) It would be good to have as many evolving models of growth as the planet can and share the diamonds of information that diverse experience comes up with. It is always tempting and now very viable with the internet to accomplish but at the same time; the biggest problem I have seen across the board in farming operations is working with people. Keep your circle small, make sure the people you do permaculture with are really into permaculture and you can do other things with those who like other things. I can't say it enough you need quality people to do quality farming at any quality level. Don't carry people through things, you'll be moving slower like that. Be your own winner and that means to know how to cut the dead weight and make moves. You will always be able to come back to that which you cut if you cut it the right way. That being said, some cuts should be permanent, believe me, those cuts are there for everybody, and they will have to be made in order to succeed as much as you may not like that fact or the person you may need to cut. These decisions about people are based on their honesty, integrity, toxicity, and strength. It takes time to get to know people, and superstars always have "haters," so remember diamonds are made under pressure and they are hard to find. People are dynamic and working them generally is dangerous so you just really need to get to know them before embarking on any kind of commitment with them and if they have been dishonest with you in the past, well - it is guaranteed to fail and it is your fault when it does because you knew that.

      Wisdom 2). Land disputes are sort of interesting all their own as we don't thank the Great Spirit for these amazing lands, anymore. We (1) own them (2) we know better than nature does, and we torture and send to extinction all the biological life on this planet that existed long before us, through basically those two thoughts.

      I started this paper at the 5 years into my Permaculture sciences study mark. I just passed ten years in this field. I am able to proceed in this pursuit of happiness and free-trail blazing thanks to receiving property from an Angel, a million and a half blessings from above, and the support of my Father, Bruce Bro, JPKill, my Bro Richie, My Sis Wendi, and plenty more thank you all.

      I have though been in 7 years now, deeply, and have said the last 4 of those that I would like to do Permaculture on public, not owned lands, anonymously as a way of conjuring up the highly intelligent attention from nature; the ultimate school, in a new category of certification from nature herself.

      Guerilla Permaculture :

      Secret or at least sparratic or off-trail installations of human-intention-ed permacultures within greater naturaul landscapes.

      Chinese general and strategist Sun Tzu, in his The Art of War (6th century BCE), was the earliest to propose the use of guerrilla warfare.

      Guerrilla warfare is defined by Google as; irregular military actions (such as harassment and sabotage) carried out by small usually independent forces. Others see it as a term that also includes sneaking upon, rather than confrontation, from small parties oftentimes existing always nomadic-ally or in hidden locations.

      There is no need so much for the secrecy at this time, other than to keep others from harvesting your stuff while away. The irregular planting style in contrast to the modern monoculture planting style has been loved by many now for half a century and diverse combinations were without a doubt the method of the most advanced growing systems through history and today in terms of nutritional quality.

      The combat applied idea was key to America gaining her independence from British Rule, it can theoretically be the activity structure from which the little man or the underdog can come up.

      Monoculture rows can easily be beaten in quality and can be outproduced by this style of intertwined with the natural cultivation of desired foods. This is an interesting (unfortunately) lateral comparison to war history whereas, rows of soldiers were beaten and outperformed by the strategy of guerilla tactics and techniques. hence my use of a similar term.

      There is a real want to simply become a wild forager and hunter, that does not need agriculture and can travel a great distance.

      Just short of that, within a certain smaller span of distance, I think it could be advantageous and fun to look at doing some small, quickly install-able guerilla permaculture sites.

      The thing we did not see coming from this initiative was the amount of incredible insight that is downloading about everything through the practice.

      The next step (if we survive that long) in human intelligence following the age where we thought we owned land, where we stabbed flags in it, wrote documents for it, went to war over it, will be an appreciation for the crazy awsome gift hopefully.

      Monoculture agriculture our primary source of food is a cocky person's attempt to show nature who is boss. It is working and will kill and mutate shelves of pollinators every day, cause millions of human cancer cases, and we deliver it all in a long-lasting pretty wax-coated version with a hefty price tag on it.

      These items most purchase grow. It takes a good year of learning and working with the chosen species and then anyone can produce on a small amount of land. They are other gifts from God or Nature or Great Spirit the whole Earth is really one big gratitude test and should one choose they can learn to grow stuff anywhere.

       If one can move to the site for a while they likely would want to start with animals, moveable solar fences and controls for these animals, use simple shelter such as tents, and once a small trail of land is cleared and the animals have been situated the permaculture design installation of plants can go next.

      True absolute freedom will come when

      The permaculturist leaves the cancer patch on the skin of the Earth known as the city.

      A method of eating and surviving far from the city has been established.


      We can say that in a nomadic journey the best version of guerilla permaculture could be accomplished, but I have developed and experimented more on a re-visit style of doing this.

      These unknown, un-owned, all free guerilla permaculture sites could even be strategically functioned to assist nature, to be a piece of the reforestation solution we so badly need to be today; sort of terraforming stations. 

      The ecology we could kick off from a large movement of humans doing this could create a quality of life far greater than what we are looking at without this type of movement. I certain sect of people seem very made for something like this, but it also seems the mental constraints of ownership, or the need to own it before working it makes us focus on buying something when that is not in this case necessary to accomplish it.

      Arguably it may not be as secure. I think to keep it to a trail format and stretch it out doing your daily runs and harvests on a strategic set of productive species is both less attractive of attention and provides security in the sense that the planting is stretched rather than a squared area.

      Today provides us with GPS, and there are ways of exporting map files for a location so that in the event of a power outage or GPS failure real maps together with the exported maps should be able to get you back to the sites.

      "It was a good life, you break your back, you snap your fingers, you snap your neck." - Prong 

      The duality of technologies is interesting. They can increase ability but when there is too much the technologies begin to present evidence that they are hurting us (individually and ecologically) by creating toxins and causing us to perform less physical activity. To achieve the correct balance as a society and as individuals is daunting for the scientist.

      This balance is the everyday success of nature. Support nature and nature will support all of this.

      Mapping the stars can be fun for the family, is a very important skill, and other ways of creative site marking and finding come to mind in the endeavor. Planting specific plants in certain vicinities, and along trails that you and your group have mapped out could be mu9ch more productive of a daily activity that one would think.

      We have thought to launch a star and sky study group that focuses mostly on biodynamics, which Guerilla Permaculture superstars should be familiarized with.

      Biodynamic Agriculture principles and preparations as hard as they may be for some to believe in, really do work and the should also be considered for employment in the guerilla permaculture mission. Not being one to argue with the results, in my experience we are in a dynamic situation whether people believe it or not and those with more knowledge and belief in those dynamics will have a better chance of success at outgunning the major agriculture industry with an all-natural method.

      I thought of some initial things that could help sites and trails blend in with nature.

      1. Motorcycle, foot, or horse access only.
      2. Several wall-expansion perimeters planted at the onset in a bullseye like a form (birds-eye view). This could be an excellent general permaculture focus, one for example; one tall tree, shorter trees next, shrubs next, ground cover next, chosen vine, etc. Using
      3. Bees & other dangerous insects animals and little kid imagination runs wild. Bees  I think are perfect and I would do them at as many locations they are being so adversely affected by chemicals associated with mono cropping today. This could really drive and realize a new level of beekeeping - likely very needed already years ago now.
      4. Sharp and scary plants can be sourced, and maze entry styles can be designed with certain species such as bamboo, wild ginger, and many others.
      5. Tree "Y" planting.  With a piece of rope or natural twine-wrapped several times around a tree branch "Y" shapes, sticks, in a sort of high-up planting nest could be a wonderful method of doing this, that inspires tree climbing and integrated tree planting which I can see now could become very advanced.


      A shrub list of starter stuff could be,

      1. Damiana
      2. Ambrosia Peruvianna
      3. Ashwaganda

      A ground cover list could be started at the same time could be,

      1. Pumpkin Squash
      2. Bitter Melon
      3. Passion Fruit

      The first thing that we need to do is pick our first installation spot, Sun Tzu's work may be the best guide for doing this, but again basically we are looking for a place off the beaten path, and there are many natural clearings where edge material and small stuff can be chopped up easily with a machete, the ground turned or not, and no clearing of larger plants.

      I covered earlier that to move with some livestock one can be quickly established into this. That to be nomadic is a plus. The Kuna Yala tribe here in Panama was the only in the region, that was never conquered and they have some of the most preserved heritage and culture. There were not nomadic to start but became nomadic for centuries to survive until finally negotiating themselves the territory of the San Blas Islands in Panama, some of the most beautiful Caribbean Islands - and the vibe there is great!

      Getting started with the agricultural part we want to make a pile of chop, start digging a hole, that is our soil mine for a time and could be a spring or other use hole later on. So if we can find seeps lets do that and start mining a piece of our soil mix from there.

      If there is some rock we could break that up or use it as it comes, and if there is some larger stick we can use them as whole pieces or burn them for soil ash, we can also start powerful bio-char type processes. The options can be very optimized and are very dynamic in terms of direction.

      We want the best soil possible and likely a thick topping of pasteurized chop, which the rain will do overtimes as it is in a pile. I am a fan of dicing my chop pile over and over to make it easier to apply and better functioning, but this is not necessary and would require more site visits.

      Branches harvested without seriously affecting the trees can be cut and made into smart cover structures for smaller planting. It is always easy to get fairly straight 2' pieces and Lincoln log them up around special plantings. They can be charred a bit too. Rocks placed as petals of a flower around the planting is also a good way to help designate. So is sawdust, mulches, or collected leaves and needles.

      Ash, concentrated fertilizer, on-site natural tea-making system, bio-dynamic preparation, logs in swales, and humanure should be considered for on site-soil preparation. I am in the tropics but there are species that can work for whatever microclimate you are in, it just takes a little bit of learning each day.

      Simple ideas like these are building blocks to better nutrition anywhere. But we are concerned with patriarchy. Illusions instilled by deceit. Here in Panama people $purchased 4500 high-pressure sprayers and tanks were rolled out to spray the bottoms of cars in the tropics where it rains every day because they thought the virus crawled on the street. Someone is laughing somewhere I can almost guarantee.

      The steps of installation, and planting to be performed on the first visit starting as early in the A.M. as possible :

       PROTECT BIG TREES, FERTILIZE MEDIUM TREES OF PRIMARY FORREST get ready from shrub planting around these trees.

      On the planting moon; Plantain, cassava, papaya, coconut,  katuk, damiana, culantro right from cutting rhizome or shoot, in "banana circles." 'Vegetables, and quick growing leaves, citronella grass, cranberry hibiscus, mustards, kales, pak choy, zapio, sandia, beans - leaves oftentimes edible, herbs, *hemp, ambrosia peruvianna,  sage, patchouli - keeps insects down in the area. Bamboo? Or small stick generating species.

      Irrigation, if needed, and optional disguise for it. I think of a basic 20' by 20' plot being a trench around the square and trenches possibly across the center at 10' each or for one side.

      The steps for the second visit;

      Fertilizer delivery and application.

      More planting of small crops, root crops such as ginger and turmeric paying attention to bio-dynamic planting days.

      *Planting of the second wall on the other side of irrigation. If bamboo is used again, it is good to re-dig irrigation as much as possible and to a 6' swale, planting the next bamboo wall ten feet back, leaving 2' each side of the swale.

      Planting more buffer area, camouflage outside of bamboo and irrigation, vines, ground covering plants.

      Cut back of banana plants even if just a bit to stimulate growth.

      In-Tree Planting Systems

      Tree Y plant beds:  where a tree makes the "Y" shape, a barrier can be wrapped or nailed on either side, and smaller plants,  fungi, herbs, or flowers can be grown there. Get one done and learn, but move towards all-natural construction if that is not the starting place.

      Using normal permaculture strategy such as;  trunks can be covered with vine, and also plant shelves can be carved out for all-natural nursery action.

      This particular abstract concept in endless in possibility and certainly a work in progress here.

      Social Pitfalls

      I recently met a team of volunteers that claim to clean the island and want to plant food everywhere on public land. A group of ten having beers told me they planted 25 coconuts and you can see them, and this was good. They told me they wanted to do more and they had a website. Unfortunately, after weeks since I gave them the first task of replacing the plastic pots that one of the members through away and burned on top of a five-year compost while hastily trying to dominate the spaces around him in a primitive effort to be in control of home and garden situation where he was invited by someone helping him (interesting in itself right), I have no heard from the group for five weeks now.

      In thoroughness, I have left my rants about this kind of fake talk, and no walk stuff everywhere to 1. encourage the successful point that if you are going to do this, you are going to have to do it on your own, or with a truly dedicated partner - which in the guerilla permaculture should be a great partnership.

      In my permaculture and nature enthusiast experience, so many people have these good intentions, or they talk the good intention talk, but to actually perform in dedicated selfless service to nature (which really earns the most important relationship a person can have in life - a relationship with nature, nature they biologically depend on every day with no appreciation) is conducted by about less than 1% of the individuals in this group talks.

      That less than 1% that does something, they will not do much. This is because usually laziness, so many of these types are just looking to escape from being responsible. They have this "hippie" attitude where "everything is alright, we don't want to do anything, the system already had us enslaved we are done with that," and as credible as much of these claims are the general output from these groups is unproductive.

      Most of the productive farms I have seen are pushed by Latin-America-born workers getting paid for their time, volunteers who get travel subsidies out of the deal, or because of one worker (many times anti-social rooted in this very lack of productivity from his or her peers) gets up early and puts in a full workday on his project.

      It ends up being a very productive point that I think should be part of any pass down or education that there is a lack of work ethic and a huge element of distraction, waist of time. If I compiled the number of hours people like this have waisted my time it would amount to several of these installations. The only installation like this that I know of I am doing alone.

      The time I wasted waiting on people who waisted hours of my time just telling me they would replace plastic containers, to actually come up with those containers, or to actually do something I could have done 100 installations, including all the nursery work to prepare for them.

      I do not recommend forms, groups, initiatives, clubs, or any of this for productive guerilla permaculture. In fact, I recommend the best headphones loaded up with permaculture podcasts, good music, and motivational media, to block out the fact that everyone and everything is trying to distract you from going into nature and getting it done - the healthiest thing for you and for the world to do!

      I myself live in two sets of rechargeable headphones wake up at 3 am, and go to bed at 530pm mainly because of how sick I am of listening to people who don't actually say anything real, honest, or that they will ever follow up on.

      I revisit this point, in a great extension of guerilla permaculture, I called "Rotational, Revisit-style Permaculture," at the Nutritional Diversity & Permaculture Study Center in Costa Rica.






    • Following up from previous comments and contributions

      1. Small Developing Island States
      2. Youth Employment Africa
      3. Combined Needs & Potential Through Property Rights
      4. Future UNIDROIT-FAO-IFAD Legal Guide on Agricultural Land Investment Contracts (ALIC)


      With the ability to sustain as a family unit, using fair share management systems maybe even taking in non-blood related relatives, freedom of time and leisure is there.

      The key will be that every member of family blood or not should share a specified plot in an equal split in the initiative, children would be inheriters of the system one generation could establish.

      This is all abstract for sure but isn't everything really. I mean we can do all sorts of stuff, silly to smart. We have proposed over and over an intelligent individual diet based "demand and conquer" fuel source for the movement towards a more natural and fulfilling life.

      We need to learn how to eat optimally and learn permaculture.

      I am trying to bring as much attention what we are doing here in Panama as possible at this point, we really do have the real gamechanger here (quick video).

    • Agricultural Science human cultural science, individual self-care sciences are all one and the same. If we are our brother's, keepers, we give them land, name on the title we teach them permaculture. That simple. Slowly but surely we rise in the most amazing ecology man ever dreamed of.

      Land Globally 123 billion acres, useable flat lands - 37 billion

      Global Population: 7 billion

      7 billion acres per enslaved young person (everyone pretty much)

      It is that simple.

      It is that simple.

      Details are: community size should not be more than 200 for health reasons. Spread out. You can call for help in second fragments today if you are a scared person.

      Young people today are rich and can be their own self-righteous agricultural forces through simple empowerment of space no never owned, to begin with. They just need to know this.

      The bureaucracy of major agriculture the major agriculture fields themselves (major everything), the size of major cities, major companies, large everything needs to be diversified now and take up primary ecological focus.

      Thank the Great Spirit and do what is right before its too late for you.

      Young slaves today can be their own self-righteous agricultural forces through simple empowerment of space no never owned, to begin with.

      Thank the Great Spirit and do what is right before its too late for you. Read this.

      Yes, you will need to get tougher as a person.

      See more here:

      Video explains some starting aspects of nutritional Basics.

      Get the Entire working and tested out Abstract from today's modern terrible diet that everyone is one (regardless of title) to business models of the best nutrition in the world here:  Nutritional Diversity Abstract of All Natural Human Optimization here.

      The idea is more complete in the abstract everything we keep breaking up - is all one thing we just need to use it as one thing!


    • What incredible timing, and with the extension and all!

      Small fisheries are a great solution to issues surrounding general poverty, food supply, special preservation, and fertilization of permaculture. 

      Also what a pleasure to see the statement as bold as "2020 The Year of Artisanal Aquaculture & Fisheries," to fuel the science into a great movement.

      Especially in times of serious flu scare amidst the COVID-19 emergence. After reading all related material, I still can't stop thinking of the plethora of herbal solutions that are passed on and never even mentioned. Immunity and robust strong immune systems should be the primary focus. I would think. But that is me.

      1. Defining progress towards securing sustainable small-scale fisheries

      Sustainable living systems all by themselves feature so many benefits it would be foolish for an impoverished person to ignore. Yet, I would say it is the main reason we are still so far out of balance and more of these systems are not in play.

      The second reason this concept is will be hard to achieve is government policy.

      Jokingly we can say both the stupid people and the government policy have to go.

      2. Meaningful and feasible indicators: How can we measure progress?

      When people get into stuff like this, they get into it, I have noticed learning from one another in farming usually runs pretty well. With the internet, even better such as here.

      3. Participatory monitoring: Key elements and experiences.

      Same answer as to #2. Maybe an app that is can help keep data including fish populations census.

      I would like to work more on the small fishery idea myself.

      I think now knowing 2022 will be the world year for it I am motivated to get in the groove!

      The only thing that makes it more motivating is considering the idea that your hand would be in a bit of karmic reforestation.

      I think this also a great addition to the Poverty Nexus work a few months back.

      Considering what is happening to our waters everywhere, I am very thankful for your focus on this as a committee!

      Some sort of marketing for this 2022 Small Fisheries campaign could be really motivating also.

      A Decade of Farming for Families is also an excellent motivation for the next 9 years of concentrated family farming.

      As they say when I was growing up " Rock & Roll." They also said, "take it easy."

    • In pursuit of establishing an international digital council for food and agriculture, it will be important to have worthy direction.

      It is another pivotal moment of deciding how much online currency and online voting power or policy making v.s. how much positive direction and support should be established with something like this. It is another moment where we may not be doing anything accept performing bureaucracy that get's in the way of progress, we should be careful not to do this.

      For myself, it has seemed curious how for years we can not facilitate an individual citizen; accurate vote on individual issues and tax dollars spent, when the means do so through Social Security numbers (and a few other numbers) such as the ID number here in Panama which has existed almost two decades.

      Total voting regulatory power could sit well within the now very popular block chain technologies, and this all bates mention of a Panama colleagues' Producers Market token, an agriculture v.s. digital technology solution. I happen to have an inside look at the team here and the king of this Hill, more or less selected to my knowledge and likely overall success, by my favorite teacher - and this type of selection in this case certainly, does not come to the undeserving. This model could be extremely proactive in promoting better agriculture that does not harm biology and wildlife.

      If I am understanding the Producers Token platform right it would [c] essentially function as a marketing engine for the council itself, and for small transparent organic farmers within the ranks. [d] Food distribution costs can be saved and gained by the consumer and the producer who would be able to connect through the network. It is really quite perfect / even very much so for Nutritional Diversity Diet enthusiasts, who could through a network like this arrange there private food purchases for the required high food biodiversity.

      I have enjoyed being one of the more abstract contributors to these important discussions. I also enjoy coming from a standpoint which I feel is correct. Don't we all, but important is to go slow and not to get too ahead of things, to cause any stumble. In any event I realize my comments and suggestions are a bit off key topics, all though no less important considerations.


      What about a really proactive council, to reforest using permaculture's food forest model, disaster stricken lands, etc. To educate cattle farmers how through permaculture models and not too much more on investment, can have there cows and and whole bunch of other goodies too.

      If we can expand our hopes and aim to something of this nature, the impact would be good.

      For database information on plant species, the smart phone app iNaturalist, seems to be a great functioning storage and reference for plant species and could play an integral role in helping each geographic region share whats working there. the program is a great text book of sorts to bringing humanity back in touch with nature and back up knowledge Parr on functional foods and other plants around them. It is with kind of knowledge that we can learn and grow into a life in harmony with nature instead of at odds with it and obtain individual freedom and sustainability for ourselves that can last.

      Obviously today technology and the development there of is the root of the 12 year crisis so let's get to learning and turning this world around, for our children and all the animals and biology on the planet.

      Can this international body dare to inspire insanely incredible ecology to our beautiful world? If so I have just the idea for this!  Intelligent humans  should be able to manage the growth of incredible thrive-ability and special natural development, the problem has always been for some reason large land plant related developments have been mono culture. Here every vegetable, teak wood is a mono culture. Every tree is cleared for cow pasture. This is the complete opposite direction. If we go the right direction of diversity, we should be raise some amazing eco-cultures far beyond our dreams and compatibilities of today.

      As an innovator in the field of this very science of diverse agriculture, we have discovered and tested the incredible results of diverse nutrition production and we know that the possibilities are endless here. 

      As a technical body can we task ourselves to develop waist collection and conversion technologies through simple design contests that award the money to do it. This is also provides the opportunity to the communities themselves suffering the variety of problems they do to become successful by uplifting their world.

      Online the resources are easy to develop, and can support various motions such as

      • Very easily online shared open source development file and information sharing potentials.
      • Event information and motivation contest administration.
      • World wide unified actions in Bio-Dynamic Agriculture.

      In many ways if we don't have the focus on the species,  what are we doing.

      If we are focusing on the species, regional climate categories would be able to harvest seed and use young species to supply ever expanding permaculture installations.

      In this a joint efforts standard agreement could be a good fixture. For example should a poor farmer convert and work /grow on certain owned property for 50% take of produce. This could be great to see abandoned pasture or tragically destroyed lands be productively utilized easier. Also for public owned crisis land restoration efforts.

      Recently we discussed land contracts, and there was some mention of disaster land agreements and national or private land options that offered the opportunity for reforestation, rehabilitation or permaculture to offset the "12 years left crisis," give the poor an out, and give constructivist to ourselves regarding our biological parents in whom we always codependent (plants). These features should be apart of any online consulship also, and were well covered then.

      To grow the focus on land, agriculture etc., I see gaining funding a project thought. One idea could be deal with a company like Airbnb who is already leveraging property value to and from diverse independent properties, could maybe allow a optional tax deductible 2-6%  optional donation on each transaction to see actual reforestation work happen. The company recently advertised and experience based reservation to get to know the animal kingdom, which I thought was very cool.

      By the way Airbnb operators can start making greener properties growing diverse foods and other plants anytime they want.

      Counsel gained funds from whatever source should pay directly to people reforesting land, using their imaginations and making totally awesome Avatar-like ecology all over the globe. I know it sounds a stretch, but isn't that what is needed?

      What I could do with even a few more hectares in a few more micro climates, some cleared cattle land permaculture redesign, I could rattle off things all day there is so much potential out there.

      Another easily achievable, and well supported web-place to offer the option to contribute this could be high school programs and great websites like this one used to follow high school sports. To get kids and parents and the community interested and a little more involved with the ecology they live in, is a great step!

      Digital sharing competitions of incredible farming achievements, or installations, or learning presentations, etc., should be the regular to inspire actual no-chemical-use agriculture and wildlife protection.

      1. The number one agenda should be addressing the 12 year crisis, and turning this world around.
      2. Thinking about it, regional territories should control their own funding, marketing and conduct their own project management. Regions can also conduct their elections for council persons. Nominations should be based on merit actual work and accomplishment.
      3. Embedded connections, other technical developments and code assistance type of expenses can be paid by a yearly percentage of each region.


      This concludes my suggestions on this one.

      Thanks to group and all that you do.

    • In pursuit of establishing an international digital council for food and agriculture, we cross yet another degree where we face the useful reality to certain aspects we know of social media platforms. It is another pivotal moment of deciding how much power online council, online currency and online voting power we should allow. It is another moment where we may not be doing anything accept performing bureaucracy.

      For myself, it has seemed curious how for years we can not facilitate an individual citizen; accurate vote on individual issues and tax dollars spent, when the means do so through social security numbers (and a few numbers) has existed more than a decade.

      Total voting regulatory power could sit well within the now very popular block chain technologies, and this all bates mention of a Panama colleagues' Producers Market token, an agriculture v.s. digital technology solution. I happen to have an inside look at the team here and the king of this Hill, more or less selected to my knowledge and likely overall success, by my favorite teacher - and this type of selection in this case certainly, does not come to the undeserving. This model could be extremely proactive in promoting better agriculture that does not harm biology and wildlife.

      If I am understanding the Producers Token platform right it would [c] essentially function as a marketing engine for the council itself, and for small transparent organic farmers within the ranks. [d] Food distribution costs can be saved and gained by the consumer and the producer who would be able to connect through the network. It is really quite perfect / even very much so for Nutritional Diversity Diet enthusiasts, who could through a network like this arrange there private food purchases for the required high food biodiversity.

      I have enjoyed being one of the more abstract contributors to these important discussions. I also enjoy coming from a standpoint which I feel is correct. Not to get too ahead of things, ....

      What about a really proactive council, to reforest using permaculture's food forest model, disaster stricken lands, etc. To educate cattle farmers how through permaculture models and not too much more on investment, can have there cows and and whole bunch of other goodies too.

      If we can expand our hopes and aim to something of this nature, the smart phone app iNaturalist, seems to be a great functioning database reference for plant species and could play an integral role in bringing humanity back in touch with nature and back up knowledge Parr on functional foods. It is with kind of knowledge that we can live in harmony with nature instead of at odds with it and obtain individual freedom and sustainability.

      Can this international council body dare to create insanely incredible ecology to our beautiful world?

      As a technical "digital" body can we task ourselves to develop waist collection and conversion technologies -very easily online shared open source development potentials.

      In many ways if we don't have the focus on the species,  what are we doing.

      If we are focusing on the species regional climate category groups would be able to harvest seed and use young species to supply ever expanding permaculture installations.

      A joint efforts standard agreement could be a good fixture. For example should a poor farmer convert and work /grow on certain owned property for 50% take of produce. This could be great to see abandoned pasture or tragically destroyed lands be productively utilized easier. This type of job could be a great path for troubled youth.

      Thanks and respecfully,


    • Agricultural Land contracts should be made available to farm workers in responsible and functional increments, useful territories by both private owners and by government land portions.

      A positive permaculture and nature conscious movement of agriculture is both very positive to our green world and can also be the cure to many social problems, health crisis and poverty.

      Education and agro-redesign directives in such a contract should be very considerate of cattle and livestock maxims per portion of land, that should not be cleared completely as is currently practiced.

      Education about chemical agriculture, and the many harms from it, should be attatched to contract documents.

      Converting cattle land to permaculture (multipurpose) contracts should be made most available, there should be tax break incentives to those implementing sustainable ecology and systems as it is a win win for all involved, including the cows and the greater health of everything.

      The most important opportunity I see, while the FAO is drawing a useful contract set(s) for land use agricultural, that certain contracts be made for poor individuals and families, with no money to start a sustainable land development, that will use zero chemicals, utilizing all natural organic farming techniques. Possibly the mere existence of this contract standard could motivate what is needed to see the new future phases of organic natural, agricultural abundance potential take hold.

      Agricultural Land Investment Contracts (ALIC) also have the opportunity to mandate a 50 / 50 % split of ownership, or 100 percent ownership of 50% of the land, etc., to lands developed agriculturally within the model of sustainable organic nature, to give security to those who tend the farm using the natural methods.

      Appropriations of Federal and Nation Lands should be made available for this purpose, as a way of diversifying the assets, especially in cases of clearing and fires. This can motivate a rapid response to the casualty itself, and work as a deterrent to those who may purposely see acreage burned.  For example is if x amount of natural disaster acreage could be claimed by one person's name, to be used specifically in an all natural permaculture or the like method, of reforestation, we would be then working in nature so much so to take advantage of the massive ash carbon infusions to soil.

      Specifications such as how much livestock is permitted per acre, can be set.

      Job creation incentives should be there for governments' also the private sector to consider, such as a Reforestation & Resource Protection officials who have the power to enforce livestock limits and chemical / GMO free small family agriculture.

      Private land reserve investment can motivate wildlife and ecosystem security also, and this is the perfect conscious effort for wealthy people and companies.

      Certain Species can be recommended to certain geographies and ideas like rotational re-visit style permaculture through a named resource link.

      I sincerely hope that the committee can take into account these opportunities while drafting up their Agricultural Land Investment Contracts.

      Please also see, best diet information, to help emphasis the optimal human health benefits that come with permaculture investment. This information is also important in fueling individual motivation towards better, all natural agricultural systems.




    • I contribute this to the FAO realizing the idea may be oriented for a more technical type, but it seems most effective still from my position to harp on food waist inside of the individual sustainability model because it is this model that work in the end (in many ways), long after thousands of words and protocols and booklets. I think the nature model concept, is really the importance moving forward in all of these many issues the forum addresses primarily, proper food waist handling.

      Nature is self sustainable.

      The individual nature of today's culture is not sustainable. It does not have to be that way. Individual sustainability should be our very priority, and the re-education of sustaineable and natural importance will rectify most that is wrong today, and provide that we can survive as a large population. The possibility of what kind of people culture we can be is very dynamic, and it is very much up to us at an individual level.

      Should we take our examples to live from nature rather than from ourselves, these techno-monkeys that know better; whala ! self sustainable culture of people.

      Individual sustainability has a secondary importance and that is the individual's causation of death, or suffering and the footprint left by the life of the individual. Our footprint in the world and our waist management. Part of becoming a dynamic population that supports or ecology rather than destroys it will be learning dynamic principles in the importance of individual sustainability.

      We even find that natural selections (plant life of ecology) are even more than self sustaining but actually pull more than just their own weight. Permaculture observed this, and stresses the repetition of it. Individual sustainability for future generations can be achieved by the modern worker too, using rotational re-visit farms, method.

      Culture Conflict

      Culture among humans is an interesting, dynamic thing. We can have all sorts of wild things in culture that are as unnatural as can be. Stay natural as can be, and take your model from nature should be our motto moving forward.

      We can have a culture were abusing children is ok, but in reality this is not ok. Today (English speaking cultures) - we have a culture of using children for money, for control, and many are willing to abuse kids in order to abuse an an ex or gain monetarily, cause total life destruction and tell the worst lies to cause it. Millions of children are lied to, cut off from one parent, brainwashed, something the famous Dr. Phil has called the "Ultimate Form of Child Abuse," and is clinically known as " Parental Alienation," but really is parental kidnapping and child brainwashing.  It is a deep rooted emotional molestation and this is all incentivized by the system. This is okay in current people culture, it's normal, there are millions of cases. In reality this is not okay. It does cause damage, it does cause suffering, it leaves huge lasting effects on the world and others.

      Many worlds today see leadership that says one thing and does another. Many workers see their 'elected', or non-elected officials live the lives of kings making decisions for struggles they do not know. How this structural manifest became the true reality in so many places, under so many titles is beyond me. But natural I can tell you it is not.

      I use these example above because it is one cultural model of many, like mono culture farming, that is just so insane, and so damaging that we have to now really take the idea of looking to nature for our advancement seriously.

      At the end of the day we cultivate in the root of all evil, we get what is to be expected.

      Nature exists in a perfect......  balance.

      Coherent Culture

      Intentional Community has been an idea for ages. It's hard to start over without the skills, and the experience to stand on. The 60's cats developed a good couple of shoulders to stand on though with Permaculture and the Permaculture Manual.

      Today even the hippies are selfish, egotistical and fascist.

      The difficulty I have seen in most intentional communities are concerns in what permaculture calls "fair share,"  ownership, work value mostly remains in the existing structure of the one with most money owning everything and being metaphysically, then physically unable to actually provide a completely fair opportunity. Where the reality is once they are done dragoning over that one farm, they may mind other farms, and it is possible to leave these farms with excellent natural food forrest managementmanagement opportunities for others, production and vibe. See Guerilla Permaculture.

      Nutritional Diversity Study in Panama has found a way to achieve, much more than before, optimal performance results from natural diet practice. This is information gathered over a better part of the last decade,  they are compiling into a Human Optimizing, Nutritional Diversity Guide.

      Self Sustainability

      It's interesting. Sure it will be hard to change the world. We see more and more people who are thinking about these ideas, and here moving to Central America.

      To simplify the coherent focus; is for each one of us, or each community of us, to be self sustainable, through technologies that don't drastically effect the earth with pollutants, or other possible negatives. The foot print of humans can be as harmful to the world as the footprint of any other animal should we choose to go off of a natural example rather than an unnatural one.

      To Be Useful

      If we are going to pull more than our own weight and take care of plenty of stuff we are going to need skills above all other thing. Thanks to modern culture (again), we need a focus point of skill learning in the community.

      Energy production and waist management are both optimized when combined. For example the permaculturist's humanuer, or animal manure, work's well to produce plant life on the farm.

      The simple realization that the farm, at this point likely is the most important component to success for a group of persons - and we are back to the new type of agriculture skills point again.

      Organic Waist Management

      At the smallest levels, seeds, beet and carrot tops, can be removed and replanted. Bulk food material should composted.

      Small home composting is easy, and there are plenty of ideas and inventions to speed up timing and concentrate tees.

      In urban areas, people have now converted shipping containing to solar powered sat composers, making them possibly some of the best things that could happen to an urban ghetto. I imagine given there due time needed, they can compost in human waist in areas where that is an immediate concern.

      Human urine is highly potent foliar feeder by itself for plants, and the charger for bio-char.

      Non -Organic Waist Management.

      Plastics and metals need to be dealt with in alternative forms.

      There are plastic fuel theories, and there is valid plastic bottle wall construction that has been done by groups all over the world now. This method could be a great answer, could be done well and could provide jobs fabricating bottle-made wall panels. We have a close model around the world now to this concept known as 'coventech' or 'M2'. I highly recommend the idea of local plastic bottle wall construction panels, straws and bags in the bottles -everything washed.  This is a solid waist management protocol that can be exercised immediately.

      When a business depends on the waist, it will clean up the waist.

      Recycling as a business is not as wide spread as it should be, and that could be because of the effectiveness of it's process currently. Functional clean up technology could be a high demand idea if we had incredible plastic.

      Metals are easy to figure out in a conscious coherent direction.

      I hope for a world with a more self sustaineable attitude, and I believe it will be at this level , and through this type of coherent mentality in culture that we will turn the page into a page of life. A concentration on Nutritional Diversity and it's principles as a doctrine will undoubtedly be a precise force of effective application in that direction.


    • Nutritional Diversity Sciences in Panama is Unlocking the Door to Individual Sustainability.

      As individuals realize their potential and increased performance when consuming an adequate dietary diversity to address their nutrition needs, the individual is forced to seek permaculture sourced foods, in turn increasing the demand for diversified agriculture systems, and reducing the demand of the mono culture chemical agriculture model. If no permaculture is discoverable in the individual's area, they may be interested in learning to produce their own natural diversely grown robust foods operation.

      The realization that the stomach's digestive culture, now commonly known as the microbiome, which is the personal, individual garden of youth, vitality, performance and ability growing within us (the stomach), has been a very effective piece of information so we have noticed, in explaining the importance of diet diversity, and this is because there are waves of references to it from 'science,' and it is the hot topic today in diet science. The fact that this education wave comes to us in the nuclear age, 2019, is fairly baffling although with the focus now, looking forward the progressive science of nurturing and designing the digestive garden, is a fun and interesting science, that requires little schooling - at least if you can come up to speed with the Nutritional Diversity core requirements, and experience.

      Let me remind also that it has been expert after expert and PhD after PhD that has ruined human health, robbed one nutrient after another and got us into an agriculture model that kills our polinators off and kills us too - so even though it helps to reference this world of science who has effectively harmed more than help, at least in this field it will help us all in the long run to also mention that these guys are the wrong source of information.

      Individual information discoveries (or re-discoveries) such as that we need to eat a diverse spectrum of biological species in order to maintain proper health and support optimal ability and performance, and learning the skills in growing diverse crops, or harvesting wild nature for nutrition, should be the top priority in developing a food sustainable world, or reliable set of hunger crisis strategies. Education on how to use the land and the body should be basic, known by all and most important to our social culture that everyone know how to sustain themselves well. Curiously, rocket scientists may know nothing of the plant world we depend on, and more so the poor, the rich and the whole world over, outside of a few herbalists, botanists, students of native history or nature and permaculturists; the art of self sustainability is a lost one. Thank God, we have a team of experimental geniuses in the diet world, to lead us into better health and performance.

      That being said, I can't agree more with the FAO #1 goal of Eliminating poverty everywhere. This too is likely relived simply by the knowledge to do better and to use the full cycle of life and transformation of elements within the biology that is near primary to the human experience. Poverty is likely of the same root as the slave diet that almost the entire world lives by - bad information.

      Poverty is the worst form of violence. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

      Goal number two of eliminating hunger ...well, as I have already said above is as simple as sharing  the cutting edge diet information here. So share this information and teach one to fish. I need not quote for that...

      To "Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages," simply use the Nutritional Diversity Guide, and you will achieve this health and wellbeing for all who adheres to it.

      Inclusive and quality education for all, is deliverable like never before, yet, the distractions for young people are also there like never before on the same platform. That is the internet. So education about permaculture, diet and nutrition is all there, but who cares, and who is looking at that, are the questions with sad answers.

      A cultural discipline and realization of the importance of discipline is lacking as if humans made it their purpose to rid themselves of every beneficial ritual it once had developed, and replace it with some sort of practice for lack of control or lack in character in something.

      Rural poverty often times has no caring intermediary between their villages and the working information and knowledge, which creates a great opportiunity for the entrepenual or humanitarian spirited to come up with advocateds and trainers to deliver the information to those who need it  the most. This I think would be a fun job, and it's a job that creates jobs, spreads vital nutrients and diversity and raises endless innovated potentials in human performance, and in our ecology that we so depend.

      Los kiddos urbanos now are into dance clubs, toxins and digital forms of exploration and entertainment far more that any pursuit of actual validity in anything worthwhile, like physical or mental performance or creating a new thing. Here lies a problem that education alone can not solve, especially easily accessible education like internet based permaculture learning for example, without the oversight or internal discipline cultivated in the young person is unseen, never watched, never learned and we watch our youth drift slowly into degrees of poverty and ignorance on all fronts. Learning from mistakes does not happen in the world of education, that world takes no responsibility for it's errors and neither do it's graduates who often times have minds with zero objectivity. The amount of confusion, and congestion in the informational or guiding realms are at all time highs. This is something that is only cleared up by limiting technological associates, going into nature, andgetting a full specturm Nutritional Diversity diet.

      Diversification of energy manufacturing is great in itself. Solar generators can be placed through the world with minor impacts to nature. Individual and household energy generation while still highly underrated and likely widely not understood, is really a very capable, effective and efficient field of investment for the family.

      "You could take a corner of Utah and Nevada and power the entire United States with solar power." - Elon Musk

      Inclusive economic growths can start at the individual level also, and being that successful this would be the most sustainable standard, again I point the individual to diverse food production and independent individual energy production. In Costa Rica we have seen small hydro-plants developed for as little as 3 thousand dollars and they did not seem to effect the life around them at that small size. Solar and air plants are much cheaper and combined with batteries, led lights and diverse panel placement, these systems are more than sufficient to run the needs of the household or small farm.

      Homemade production, and diverse goods are officially in demand. Thanks to the cutting edge athletic study here in Panama, along with their educational efforts, the market for individuals seeking alternative agriculture goods, and wild specialties also is growing exponentially. New ideas to deliver well sourced diverse nutrition to consumers like this new supplement are really going to help individuals realize how they should be eating and what kind of interchange with nature is going to get them to where they need to be. New business models are needed for the new species to hit the market looking for a whole new way.

      The way we see it, Nutritional Diversity Diet and the individual discoveries made within it's dedicated studies end up being the number one goal that addresses all of the rest, pretty much unlocking the door to individual sustainability and much more.


      Elon Musk just made an incredibly important point about solar energy - Business Insider

      Application of ND Science - Nutritional Diversity

    • A Contribution to the United Nations Forum on Global Food Security & Nutrition

      Harnessing the Power of the Humble Chicken Egg in the Fight Against Hunger & Malnutrition

      November 3, 2018


      The "Humble Egg," as Saul Morris and Tim Lamber (the Egg Forum administrators) put it; I have found through our intensive Nutritional Diversity study here in Panama, to very certainly be everything that is hoped for by this discussion's introductory comments.

      Through experimentation with Nutritional Diversity Diet for different livestock, we came up with a few incredibly effective chicken food creation systems, that was based on a "grow soil not plants-type" of idea and a "use what you got-type" of attitude that saw drastic increases in egg production and overall chicken health.

      In the case of the ND chicken study it was about moving chickens to new ground, where they can find a diversity of new insects naturally and developing insect production systems to provide a constant nutritionally diverse worm staple. Putting large rows of bucketed out food scraps approve 70 feet from the house, helped detract pests that were otherwise attracted to the smaller food piles left out for shorter times, like during cooking. We would allow insects to visit the food scraps and eventually buckets of grubs is what we had. The simple natural decision to learn to attract and use the most popular larvae worm or grub type naturally occurring was a winner. I am really proud that we took the time and really communicated strong love and care to our chickens during the life of that particular study and line of experiments.

      During this time on the Caribbean Island of Colon, of Bocas del Toro, the farm inherited an abandoned young person who we all learned an immense and dynamic set of lessons from. His diet became Nutritionally Diversity and eggs. For our many chapters of economic stress, eggs became the principle protein group in the diet for the entire farm family there.

      Many modern diet subscribers would say that eating too many eggs runs a cholesterol and acidity risk. We have found the egg heavy diet to be incredibly sustainable both in times of poverty and for our personal nutrition. Eggs are serious in nutrition and the cholesterol concerns are addressable by donating a certain amount of yoke to compost, to rabbits, to bee's or back to nature in other ways.

      The amount of time that chickens have been used in sustainable agriculture dates back at least 10,000 years. We had good energy and sustained muscle mass using eggs this way, we did not encounter any sort of problem, again this is combined with 50-100 other species, and in this type of consumption model, not much is a problem.

      I maintain and drive the point always that a diverse spectrum of plants at 5x ( gram weight) that of protein consumed makes the optimal diet for humans and this concept I write under the title Nutritional Diversity, and low and behold, I also found this to be true of chickens. These guys are very happy to eat a Nutritional Diversity diet of their own. Their selection of plants as they are moved around the farm or wild terrains using an electric portable fence can be quite the revealing experiment in a good number of ways.

      Chickens when let out can follow the farmer who loves them in a quiet loyal and local fashion. When that bucket of worms goes back in the pen, you can expect they will be right behind it. They are very interpretable, and there are many different species of chicken. These guys deserve a story and no living thing deserves to be caged or kept on it`s own feces for long. Just like all nature they depend on and deserve a diverse environment rich with thousands of other living souls.

      The balance of give and take must be appropriate, at a minimum with our animals and with our plants. The strongest system is the one that gives the most love and care, and the most diversity.

      We must stop trying to control so much as much as we need to let nature do it's own job. The most divine of us will realize beyond that, to really take care of and propagate our environment and diversity into abundance for all. There is a social cultural aspect to our methods that is grossly overlooked and therefore even more important than ever today. We all know the free range chicken is a more healthy and nutritious product than the factory abuse of the living animal does. Chickens also can remove the need for harsh pesticides that plague or precious pollinators and seriously threaten our remaining ecology.

      Small groups of seven to thirteen chickens in moveable chicken fencing and moveable houses is what I found to work very well. Chicken tee-pee style houses rolled up with Premeir (or other) temporary solar powered roll fencing into backpack or horse / ironhorse carry bundles which makes it more manageable, easy and could bring in a whole new set of possibilities for a free roam large range secure chicken farming plan. In the interest of global freedom and food security the chicken egg, is a great egg but it is not the only egg, or the only food fowl. A repopulation of all diverse species to abundance effort is a repetative final thought in the freedom and security conversation. See also Guerilla Permaculture, A More Integrated with Nature Free Permaculture System.

      Working chickens and other natural fowl into mutlistaged mutlifacted sustainable agriculture models rooted in the fact that they are free and loving, should be ahead of other science, and the fact that it is not at the level yet of replacing pesticide use, is shameful. It can be as easy as selecting public land, deciding to love it, and starting to see what invited species take a liking to it also.



      Brandon Eisler

      Nutritional Diversity ,

      A Complete All Natural Guide to Human Optimization.

    • The farm is the perfect place for troubled or poor young people. Not only does it make modern logical perfect sense for the under privileged to grow their own food, but it is in nature where one can heal and it is nature where the dynamics exist to empower, the un-empowered.

      For many poor youth, they don't trust the modern world, and the modern world does not trust them. In light of the new unstoppable information that is coming out and to the front lines of life, regarding modern agriculture and it's cancer and sickness causing chemicals, that are killing our most precious of pollinators, micro organisms, and misileums crucial to the planet and all biological life's survival; we need this large army of poor people to go out onto whatever land of whatever ownership, and do permaculture, as the rightful living examples to the next era of human life that moves forward in harmony with the nature in which we come from.

      I unofficially adopted for a little over a year an indigenous boy of 13-16 years of age that was completely abandoned by his parents on the Caribbean Island of Colon, Bocas del Toro, Panama, back in 2016. I simply doubled the cost of my food purchases, and gave him space in the house to sleep. The famous community criminal, had a new hope, he had some love, some nice shelter, a situation worth keeping, a leader worth respecting and without being asked, he started jumping in on the work. After that year he knew basic building trade, cement, and was proud of some pretty descent farm work.

      I wish I could have done more for him. No doubt he will be a tough guy to learn from in his latter years if he can keep his moral compass pointed right.

      Permaculture idealism and depth is truly and continuously amazing. To take under privileged young person onto a farm, is a hugely valuable karmic act for the sponsor, a true miracle to the child, and a miracle for the of health and life of our cycle of life. It is a growing field given the information and law suits regarding GMO's, Glyphosates which are advancing into realms of common knowledge. Permacultures are going to be in a steadily increasing demand. A Permaculturist has endless positions of employment in sites across the globe. A great field for young persons to get involved and become experts in.

      Structured right with an intelligent well though out rite of passage, young people can cultivate with a with an unstoppable set of empowerment's on the farm if:

      More than fair share is given. In respects to the existing written doctrine of “permaculture” specifically, a very well conceived social culture with core principles is written. An essential principle of permaculture is known as “fair share,” and that is the long awaited revelation from when we though slavery ended and we would actually give one another sufficient credit for their achievements and part in the end result to give the workers a real fair piece of the take and of the land. I would like to push that idea into a principle titled “more than fair share.” This is likely to be embodied in actuality if the permaculture is done on public land. Permaculture is perfect for public land and can be added to existing forest without any cutting or clearing. Imagine not only sponsoring a youth with a small increase in food cost, and sacrifice of space but allowing him to earn his own land if even ever so small. It will be difficult to sign away the promised take to someone who earned it through clear requirements discussed and contracted ahead of time. If the initial requirements are oriented to see that the apprentice meets certain moral character milestones, the sponsor has surely acquired, a loyal, appreciative and experienced counterpar4t in that area for security, neighborship, occasional assistance and community.

      Balanced access to the internet with capable computers and software is available daily for a few hours. Getting away from addictive use of technology. The limit of 3 or four hours per day is important.

      Nutritional Diversity diet is administered in the permaculture. A good diet is often not available to youths in urban settings, working on farms is an opportunity to eat a highly nutritious diet.

      On the farm, away from modern influence, judgment and poverty (as a construct of the modern city), a poor person almost ceases to be poor, and after a few weeks they all begin to believe in doing amazing things. The idealism includes a very well conceived social culture as well including the essential article of “fair share.” It is the antithesis of slavery and mandates fair credit to all from the end product for their achievement in its production.

      It was in permaculture-like settings such as African and Native American tribal encampments where doctrinal factors such as communal size efficiency of 90 people was the limit for genial, sustainable the tribe at community. In the case of the more documented African policy, the encampment would split at a population size of 180. The would split in half there generations, elder, near elder, apprentice elders, adolescents, young and very young. A lesson which brings my thoughts to point out that, farm recruitment should be just as diverse. For every young person recruited, and older should be and median older next so that work and experience, light and spirit can interchange to balance and support the nurturing of all. Fortunately for this purpose there are plenty of poor people in all age groups.

      Permacultures across the globe today are a conclusive scientific result that more nutritious, less toxic food is produced on them v.s. the centrally distributed supermarket store products of today. More valuable, applicable and naturally correct guidance is given on a farm then in modern education. In nature a dynamic education is administered, and one that instills in it's students a very real and responsible duty to nature, whereas seeds are not thrown away, the earth is not polluted, but instead intensely respected and whole new meaning is given to the word morality. Another item now a days largely missing from modern society, especially in the cities.

      Police and crime is a big issue especially for the poor person. These Native American, African and other smaller sized communities can offer very effective, tested and alternatives on disciplining or loving the community members, such as 89 gather around 1 and one by one naming out the beautiful things they have seen that person do, realizing mistakes are made and supporting the guidance back to who they truly are.

      To work for the cycle of life, rather than self, could effectiously better our products, into better products because we want the best for our communities, and the profit system, wants to have the best profit often times reducing the product quality.

      Farmers are inherently dynamic and farm experience much more than the military can be a character benefit to individual poor person that is recommended, should be farming. The problem lies expertise's and specialties. The farmer is a jack of all trades, who can work on a still, electrical, tool repair, plumbing, small motors, big motors, fiberglass, sheet metal, etc. This jack of all trades concept is a doctrinal factor in permaculture, even for plant selections in that multiple use and application elections are best. Maybe everyone in humanity can do every job, or a naturally inclined spectrum of jobs and while doing that job can express a full peak of added benefits for everyone. Everyone for Everyone is clearly a step ahead in the evolutionary wait.

      While looking at a few surviving wise man texts, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, The Holy Bible, The Art of War or simply a broad enough spectrum of experiential diversity we are warned of our ego growth as a direct pathway to powerful and grievous downfall. We are a deceived and misguided science culture in the mainstream today infatuated with our own missiles and automobiles, and blind to the far more advanced organic science in which we belong. Is ego to blame? Lack of nutrition, or better said, lack of Nutritional Diversity to blame? Is social culture or modern education mis-directing us from our god given riches of a natural and happy life? Each of the issues, quietly and peacefully retreats as time in the rhythm of permaculture and nature unifies with any age of soul. Healing and sanity – even a new crystal clarity replace sickness and confusion in the permaculture setting.

      The ultimate permaculture will function optimally when done to public lands or lands unknown. The poor can do this starting with chickens, animals and vegetables today.

      The ultimate human condition I believe is nomadic, and is inherently growing experiential and geographical and nutritional, diversity spectrum's much more than the “Pueblo Indian,” although there is an equally important experience about staying in one place a time. What joy would it be to horse back across the continents, with the knowledge of wild foods and the skills to catch wild beast, in the ultimate adventure of freedom.

      All youth should spend as much time as possible in nature during their developing years.

    • SUBJ: A few humble thoughts and observations from Isla Colon, Panama a Caribbean Region, with a permacultures’ perspective to contribute to ; What story can Small Island Developing States (SIDS) tell on addressing the relationship between poverty and climate change?

      Island life inherently calls for a certain amount of sustainability. On the island where the Nutritional Diversity study in Bocas del Toro, Panama is located, having a water tank and a septic system is a necessity. The central distribution of water in the community comes on once or twice a day, and water is often collected in a storage tank (5$ bucket to 500$ plastic) of your own to have it at your home tap all day long. Many home tap water pressure is aided with a home water pump (150$). If one cannot afford a human waist septic system they will go into the ocean or behind a tree. Unfortunately, I told by local residents even large hotels are at times responsible for significant waist spills into the waters just right there at the beaches.

      The ex-pat, tourist communities that come from where these garbage products are created do most of the humanitarian work to clean it up on the Panama island beaches and unfortunate dumping sites from my brief observations. The island has greatly benefited (in most eyes) from tourism and expatriotism. Still many will say that further development along this path will end up being too much and the quality will slide down a degree from a peak quality of life marker.

      This particular Island boasts many benefits, such as no storms, insulated calm archipelago waters, and during the last cycle of damaging hurricanes the island experienced minor storm weather.

      Sudden booms in population, and large ship traffic and boat traffic around the town of Almirante, Panama where much of the Chiquita Banana crop was once farmed, with large port equipment installations has created water quite toxic in its bay. Water is essential to all human life and always has been this community has surely suffered greatly it is water condition.

      Many local people feel a certain level of resentment to the foreign occupation of their country that almost mirrors them is population size now. It's hard to say if foreign influxes motivate new hopes or ideas.

      Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Sustainable Technologies:

      Barbados was a big customer of home roof top water heater systems. The system has a 500 gallon tank and compression, vacuum tube heaters and ends up being 6 foot by 4 foot roughly and be very careful, the water coming out of this tank is hot! I have not seen this here yet.

      Barbados is different than normal volcanic earth island terrain, it is a surfaced natural water purifying reef. The locals simply drill into the reef and disposes waist into it. Coastal water there was as clean as can be and the run distilled there, is famously some of the best here is. Barbados is the only other island I have had the pleasure to visit in the Caribbean.

      Local growing here on Isla Colon is limited mostly to papaya, platoon, banana, pineapple, and yucca cassava, and surprisingly few people grow things, and when they do , they often grow a small amount, Some growers will have guandu, some more exotic tubers, sandias, zapio, potatoes, tomatoes, celery and perennial vegetables, etc. In the area of the islands of Bocas del Toro, Panama and abundance of incredible foreign entities

      Well water, and spring installation is unknown to most of the residents.

      Panama however struggles with unfortunate waist spills and dumps that collect in her harbours. Septic waist processing, with leech fields and composting toilets are used many times for septic waist. The archipelago features a warm protected waters, places that dolphins accumulate etc. However, also when toxicity enters the water from the town, it can be around for a few days.

      Well Made Educational programs that show families how to receive immediate benefit from sustaineable and permaculture practices could be seriously beneficial. People here I have noticed love the cell phones, they love the video age. Vidoe delivery of permaculture information intheri language and other languages can lead to a more smart, diverse and capable community.

      It could be a long shot culturally, but a stern thought is that integrated 'humanuer' processing systems could do great for small permaculture, sustainable properties. These types of larger plant site, type installations can be made for only double the cost of what is common now.

      On a home level, Permaculture experiments and farms have narrowed the process to a well defined functional and sanitary process with excellent results as fertilizer for plants. It is almost a motivation to be healthy so that more healthy foods are created for the plants they love on their small farm.

      Again, permaculture has the answers within it is doctrine, to solve a host of issues for a communities quality of life. Combined with solar, and developments like the Tesla battery, a modern, compartmentalized, sustainable community is very achievable.

      Considering the power for people to motivated most by what effects them most, I have myself determined that Nutritional Diversity diet education, should be a top priority worldwide. Get involved.

      I can offer the observation also from this Bocas del Toro Island experience over the last 6 years that , between tourist and retired foreigners the growth and modernization of the island has been exponential. I can offer the right place to stay for your trip to Bocas del Toro

      to make sure you get the permaculture experience, at a small but very special, and dedicated study place of different permaculture and tropical farming evolutions as well as Nutritional Diversity food techniques and study.

      There have been many like us, foreign relocaters, and students of the tropical nature that have inspired a lot of cool and helpful study in the realms of sustainable living and combined with the incredible talents of the locals, such as chainsaw and wood working, and thatched roof making, very sustainable happy joint communities can be established, and a friend of mine there Henry, on one of the surrounding islands is a perfect example of local family and foreign family integration and appreciation.

      Many young talented locals have benefited enormously from foreign sponsorship, and the increase of foreign population and tourists. The knowledge levels of people and the facility of local technologies such as Wi-Fi and local TV station, have been impressive to witness.

      The Board of Tourism and many local offices here and across Panama has done a great job keeping things nice, marketing for tourism, and supporting a solid steady development.

      The cultural barrier between Panama's natives and it is new comers is a pretty thick one. One side or the other may be good and putting a nice face to things, but time charity, and miracles will be most likely to see a more accepting and appreciative attitudes across the devide. I think it is everyone's observation that the developed world is on it is way to develop Bocas del Toro.

    • The mainstreaming of better food security and better nutrition today, comes down to inspiring individual importance on health, and new biodiversity education with the correct information on proper diet. As this specific information is learned by more individuals, they will be motivated to support new farming methods that benefit our food security and nutrition greatly. This gradual process of learning and changing will be the next step in not only security for food and the best nutrition but also in improving world poverty conditions, and sustaining fruitful population growth.

      The new diet will motivate Permaculture Farming (2nd best man made food source), which is the old answer to everything eloquently disguised as new alternative gardening. After a while of this planting and new way of eating; Bio-Dynamic Agriculture (best man made food source) written by Rudolph Steiner, and wild plant foraging will take the forefront of importance as this type of farming once did – when there was great food security and the best nutrition in human culture.

      New Diet

      Talking about better nutrition is very simply talking about a more correct, natural and optimal diet.

      Today we eat three to ten mostly cooked things, on three plates daily (with slight individual variation). Here in Panama where the Nutritional Diversity study continues, the local culture eats mostly chicken and mostly fried, fried green plantains, fried yucca cassava (a great crop for food security, and excellent nutrition when the whole plant is used and prepared properly); all using hydrogenate vegetable oil (which is gut destruction if a real tribe found out just how harmful it is would likely kill those who introduced it).

      Vegetables are interestingly rare on plates here in this Panamanian and Latin American culture as a whole today, even among the indigenous. Just like across the English speaking world, here now packaged, processed foods are added to the arsenal of mistakes. Insanely misguided and harmful modern agriculture and modern nutritional practices dominate this country as they do every single country on the globe.

      These cultural and educational norms have shorted us incredibly on the scopes of proper or even sufficient nutrition. Every diet typed up on the web today, taught in schools, by mom, grandma or by your nutritionist, is insufficient nutrition.

      Nutritional Diversity Diet, is the practice of eating at least 30-60 different species and working thy way towards 100 and more, per day /week. While modern diets argue the small points and do the regurgitated “exclude this, add this, research paper this, study on rats that” simply learning from nature we can obtain the idea from the monkeys, the cows, the bees, and the trees that a large diversity of nutrition is what makes optimal health. The Nutritional Diversity concept is a concept from nature, and it is based on all natural practice.

      I must apologize in my last entry before realizing the potential of this particular forum, I made reference to monkeys as a specie that lacked imagination, this was a serious error on my part. Monkeys are one of the natural specie who I learned this concept from, and they don’t require the doctor or the dentist and so far as I can tell still have all their teeth; a feature I myself cannot boast. They look at me on my Panama farm, curiously as if they think “what are these other crazy primates doing?” I wonder if they say “he does all the work to make plants grow, something they do on their own, and something there are plenty of.” They look at me as if I am crazy and they love so free, and so happy, and they do try to to defend the forest from us forest clearing primates with their howls (The Island of Colon Bocas del Toro, Panama a principle study site, is largely populated with the howler monkey).

      Nutritional Diversity Diet study over the last five years fell almost immediately into the study of eating wild plants, and the great uncontaminated nutrition that they offer. Along the way we have taken a good hard look at the way plants benefit from healthy positive human and animal interaction, Bio-Dynamic Farming principles and more to get the most of our farm and our nutrition. It is a science, a Nutritional Diversity Science.

      “Poison is in everything, and no thing is without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy.” – Paracelsus

      While the “their stomachs versus ours,” arguments throughout the various primate specie can be debated, all mammal stomachs in nature seem to be filled full of plants to the point that the waist in half digested, green fibrous and healthy shaped (refer to Bio-Dynamic Agriculture: Vortex). The healthiest human states in my experience come from the mimicking of this practice (in the ND study) and I have worked with a lot of people, a lot of ailments and challenges at this point who have all (100%) benefited “most remarkably” (their words) from this very practice versus other practices they have tried to include modern medical practices. Shove them down ladies and gentlemen, a diverse spectrum of plants.

      WARNING: You cannot just go and start eating wild unknown things some of it in the smallest dose will kill you. Some will make you very sick, you must work with an expert in plants, and plant edibility testing, a food testing education which my group can also provide.

      The regular human waste is a foul smelling dark colored waste most normally seen in nature from rodents and more carnivorous beings. So this being said, meats have something to do with that waste form and nutritionally meats are healthy, if the animal was loved, and their endocrine systems were left unmolested. I do not at all disqualify any meats, in fact I think that a diversity of meat eating is also essential to health.I also think with enough reforestation, and what I call living in harmony with nature like the other biological things do the Vegan concerns become smaller Optimal nutrition is a complex science and we have written as a doctrinal factor 5x times as much raw or cooked natural plant fiber (10% raw minimum) as any other food state and a diversity of 30 specie minimum for newbie diet revolutionaries. Individual assessments of lifestyle and bowel health can be quickly made from waist examination. The answer still remains the same, and this is adding in the diverse plant ratio above.

      Realizing the centrally distributed modern agriculture / mono culture food supply is full of glyphosate and other harmful chemicals linked to cancers and other sickness, and the harmfulness of eating these foods and processed foods alone makes food security conversation even more nervous. It kills the nutrition conversation completely just like the soils these mono culture grown foods are  farmed on. For both nutrition and security we must seek other food sources (permaculture / wild culture, etc.).

      The Nutritional Diversity diet is the best most advanced, routed in nature; miraculous diet that has ever been described on the modern diet scene. It’s effective and quickly gaining popularity among athletes. We are developing a Nutritional Diversity food supplement to help people in the every day hustle and bustle get it together right for themselves away. This is the optimal nutritional formula. It mandates a different food supply within it’s doctrine one of two primary changes to be made. The second is to eat a more full spectrum nutrition, in the starting range (according to our study thusfar) of 30-60 species per day. This requires a bit of a mechanism building for most modern humans. Gradually an optimal nutrition will be gained eating a spectrum closer to 100 different species. Mainstream this diet, and mainstream food security and better nutrition.

      This diet on a regular through our testing with a pretty significant  test pool so far, means the healthiest looking waist product, better sleep, better mood, physical healing, weight-loss, and lean muscle core improvements,  joint and skeletal improvements, better stamina, and better brain function. It is my friends, the better nutrition we seek.

      New Information

      Could it really be a little bit of new information on how to eat better, and sufficiently, can help me twice the man (or woman) I am today? Can just this new information provide for and also motivate, bio-diversity in my life and in the lives of other individuals?

      This Nutritional Diversity miracle concept is new information for most ears. It does ring that bell that rings when things make sense, and the brain bulb turn on right when hearing it.

      New information today in the modern age of confusion has it’s challenges, especially concerning modern diet. Health is not understood, by today’s human culture. Medicinal practices today are some of the most intrusive, unnecessary harmful and misguided practices human culture has ever faced. Misguided guidelines and health guru’s, their business models, insurance companies , pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and I am sorry to say but people with PHD’s in biology, have been so polluted by ill research and insane science that new pure natural information, as accurate as this is even has it’s human opponents, corporate or government opponents and this is an important mention in discussing nutrition and food security. Monsanto is a perfect and most recent example of this and of new information that is harmful to the food supply, bio-diversity on this planet, and nutrition most immediately.

      Having opponents today is interesting. If their is big governments and corporations who threaten the food supplies or even start wars of killing and destruction, where are those formidable opponents at all? Community is such a big part of this because, it’s communities of paycheck receiving good people that push these dangerous mistakes and interests of the rather malnourished few who design control models. It will be the Permaculture Farming and Nutritional Diversity Eating cultures that will be our guides to freedom, health and happiness moving forward. These interests will be heavy hands in securing and advancing bio-diversity. Nutritional Diversity Science doctrine is heavily rooted in the importance of referring to nature and restoring some balance opposite of technological industry to individual human life and the life of all biology in which we come from.

      There is a lot of green stuff out there, we don’t know it, and what we do know we use inappropriately. We still know quite a bit and herbalogists have made some texts that have survived through time also. Food testing can be done, and modern catalogues can be made, and we do a lot of study in wild foods for security.

      Loggers can take out the jungle, our bio-diversity, a billion times faster than we can reforest it.

      Humans today are going to care the most when they are educated that today’s harmful agriculture and industrial culture effects them as individuals the most. Again this individual motivation will start with Nutritional Diversity Education.

      This new information will upset huge industry, tons of businesses, thousands of FDA and PHD and health industry recommends. Huge agricultural chemical supply dealers to the modern agriculture mono culture system, and they will no doubt spend large budgets to protect their industry. Are challenges in food security and nutrition are great. But Let’s be very clear on what those challenges are. If you have taken a train a plane a car or a bus, around any country you know there is plenty of green stuff out there. It may not be as sweet and pretty as the other stuff but educate yourself, about how those sweet pretty foods are produced and what the original paleolithic gathered species were more like. Cooking may require more brain power, imagination and ingredients in the future. Why not?

      Dis-information and mis-information, themselves are significant enemies of nutrition and food security today. Everything from salt and fat recommends are inaccurate and have been for a long time. Regardless of arguments from numerous nutritionists and people in the fitness channels who test optimal nutrition closely, certain guidelines remain unchanged and even interestingly re-enforced in opposition, something very apparent in developing countries sadly.

      New Education

      A new education and also a cultural pimplanted reminder module development is so important.

      It is surprising to me how many students of this Nutritional Diversity way of living, do it heal from it, and then when I check in later with tehm later on, tell me they have trouble keeping there range of diversity above 30 (the minimum biodiverse diet standard). I myself will never go back to eating the insufficient nutrition that modern education examples for us. We need new education for how to eat, where to get our food from, and regarding the biology and life cycle in which we come from and depend on. This education just like the incorrect diet education of old had been, should be oriented for the young learning mind. We have developed an online biodiversity education for young people.

      New education about biodiverse diet, and the individual impact it has on each of us will no doubt be the mainstreaming of biodiversity for food supplies. When people realize the benefits of this way of eating, and healing, the market for diverse agriculture practices will be in high demand. As a response to this demand, we will have man bio-diverse motives across the globe to learn and benefit from.

      Our new education model will include reforestation education, food forest development, an initial basics “movie” followed by several learning episodes with the bold creative missions needed in this bio-revolution of the way we know nature and benefit from nature.

      Cities from space photography mirror almost exactly microscopic images of cancer, to much man made stuff and we have a crisis of young aged cancer patients. We need new systems for living in many ways, renewable energies are here, solar systems are top of the line, and affordable. We sit on the fence of change as if afraid to go into the new era, of health freedom and happiness.


      Here are a few simple ways you can pass on the knowledge.

      The first is where we even develop a learning show for kids and the whole family all about permaculture, nature, bio-diversity, loving animals and good food.

      Most simply eat what you eat now and start adding as many different and bio-diverse fresh green non-toxic organic plants from the wild (you must be educated here, and know what you are doing) or from organic permaculture farms. Cram them in, until your waist cannot wait to leave, and you start producing shiny green waist, with undigested fiber that leaves your body in a regular two to three times a day optimal health fashion. Simply learn about a permaculture farm near you and help your friends and family, buying for them all at much better prices and way better values, to start to cleanse the toxins that all U.S. citizens blood test very high for right now. You should be able to buy your entire starting  Nutritional Diversity Diet from one permaculture farm.

      New education must be simple, many contributions to this subject only other PHD’s can understand. The everyday poor person with no education understands a seed thrown in the dirst can grow, a PHD in biology thanks to modern education, will want to confuse and see papers on the process there. this direction of direction is curious and wrong if one seeks to understand biology.

      Albert Einstein — ‘If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.’

      “The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.” – Paracelsus


      Nutritional Diversity is the Mainstreaming of Bio-Diversity in Diet.

      With all of our challenges please support our Nutritional Diversity Diet & Permaculture Education effort here.

      Here is the New Education Model!

      Support the Permaculture and Biodiversity Education Movie & TV Show for Kids & Family Project here!

      Paper Written For Submission to : : Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry for improved Food Security and better Nutrition

      It is recommended to download this in pdf format.


      Continued Points:

      Water is Everything.

      We discuss food security, and imagine the idea in relation to the impoverished. Most who discuss the subject have not lived in poverty, how can they know it like a poor person does? Interestingly, the modern city water supply taps in the English speaking world is terrible across the board, even to contain pharmaceuticals, plastic micro fibers and some of it was even flammable..

      Water pollution is drastically prevalent – most important resource is water. All biology is over 70% water, and it is a much more complex element that any of modern science realizes. Please see this information and very solid science on biology and water, and some home water solutions that you can use right away to clean it up for your family.


      It’s Not When Are They Going To Stop But Who is Going To Stop Them!

      Corporate, business and government interests are the greatest threats to our quality of life, ability to survive, freedom, independence and food security and nutrition.

      Biodiversity itself is under serious threat and there are a few places on the earth measured to have the most bio-diversity left in them. We need to realize with our individual diet and nutritional realizations that, these zones need not only protection but expansion. Permaculture reforestation efforts and food supplies should be developed on the outskirts of these areas and others, on land not owned, or land shared in diverse ownership of individuals who did the work, and not corporations of people who buy and sell things that don’t care so much about the life their for sustained food security and better nutrition for all.

      Quite frankly small groups with the right expertise, research orientation and funding can establish incredible food security and nutrition across the globe that will also inherently provide for freedom, increased quality of life, better air, less global warming issues, less discussion about population control  and optimal health for soil, plants, animals, fish in the sea, birds in the sky us everything. Fund a few Permaculture groups to go out and do this full time year round, it’s one of the smartest actions

      The Native American of North America lived in a story where crossing the Mississippi river one could not help but be pelted with 100 fish and a squirrel did not ever touch the ground from that river to the Atlantic Ocean.

      Food Security and Nutrition become a crisis because of a series of mistakes, which we must as a human culture take responsibility for and fix. Should we continue this road or error we will multiply the results of these errors and fall to immensely low quality of life, violence and terrible nutrition.

      Who is going to turn us around? Who will save us from the corporate destruction? I think of the James Cameron Avatar production and the “Toru Macdow,” charter who decides his life mission and calling is to be a savior. I think of this reference because it’s a movie my and beloved daughter saw in 3-D together, some of the best memories I have. It is these real things I value most, and too many products of industry disgust my other cousins in nature, and I recognize that. It was Nature and Nutritional Diversity diet who healed me from the hardcore loss of my princess, a depression that actually killed me twice, and had me completely non functional for years.

      Thank you for you interest in Better Nutrition, Food Security and Mainstreaming Nutritional Diversity. You can become more involved in our small humble, leading research effort in the game by contacting here. As cocky as I can be sometimes, the aim is to leave you with a smile, and say that our ecosystem and our fraction of the important research too definitely needs your help.

      Most importantly now that you have read this, get yourself some good nutrition, get nice and brainy and productive and improve your own quality of life through nature. To be Nutritionally Diverse does also require that you go into nature, not just the concrete jungle whose space shuttle taken imagery resembles cancer through a microscope.

      Sincerely Your Friend & Fellow Child of God,

      I love you,

      Brandon Eisler

    • Amazing aids of nature go totally unrecognized by us humans, who fail to realize the intelligence of nature, hoping for us to all succeed and trying vigorously to help us. For example :

      (1) When people cutaway the forest to make their home or town, interesting new plants take hold over the recently cleared area, different than those that were removed.

      Foods Gifted From Mother Nature in Our Back Yard

      Once we clear and area for shelter making, or space for livestock, a new spread of shrub plants comes in for cows and goats and us, as if, a waiter in the restaurant of miracles brought it to us.

      Dandelions, culantro which ends up getting mono-cropped too, water cress, certain mints, chamomile, are some of these ‘gifted’ species that people are familiar with and there are many known livestock targeting elements that come in also after clearing living areas, such as pasture grass for cows. There is a lot of benefit in these areas that is unemployed simply because we have not tested everything and do not know what the unknown plant’s qualities or toxic properties are.  Many of these plants seem clearly gifted by nature (really the ultimate intelligence that is behind the form of our world), powerful healing and helping herbs to us; the forest clearing primates.

      Could the answer to the potential food crisis be all around us? A simple additional bit of knowledge to tell us what part of the jungle, the forest, the permacultures of God, exactly that we can ingest and in what dose. Remember that random eating of things without testing them and having expert level knowledge of the plant can kill you. Could it be that if you eat even these highly toxic plants, inside of a sufficient nutritional diversity, that the toxins become neutralized? With sufficient nutrition is there a highly powerful digestion process that can deal with one toxin among the many different diverse essences? Is the jungle digestible by humans at all? Are we ready to ingest it? Can it be ingested, with training, and digestive mechanism development such as seen in ketogenic diet examinations. Is it better nutrition than what is in the store? Stronger? Is it a pesticide and herbicide toxin free? Can we simply eat from God’s permaculture? Surely, we just don’t know what most of it is or how to utilize it, unlike filing bark for cinnamon powder which we have been taught for generations.

      Crop Selections & Farming Methods

      (2) Another example of failing to realize useful natural preparations in respects to food crisis prevention is over looking tree’s like the Jackfruit Tree, the Breadfruit Tree, the Mango Tree, and the Avocado Tree, and of course permaculture farming methods. There is really no excuse for such a avid food crisis wave that crashes around the globe variably. We should have total food security, no problem, I have named a few for the tropics, but there are millions of highly productive edible species, that can be grown in permacultures everywhere, shopping markets are the most insane facet our stupidity, and not one of us has any chance in modern social culture of figuring that out by ourselves. How many of us today in 2018 have the time or selflessness to plant trees, that won’t fruit for several years? I have a lot of trouble assessing why namely the Jackfruit is not seen in the crazy markets everywhere the stuff is delicious, comes in vegetable state, fruit state, the seeds are great food,  it is highly nutritious and one tree produces up to 2000lbs a fruit a year. It even has very industrious and marketable timber. Insanely productive tree is missed by agriculture study almost completely, while centrally distributed glyphosate plastic looking seedless foods flow through our kitchens and stomachs all day long. Much of this food is made in a factory and far from natural. We are crazy, and greedy or so greedy we are crazy or I don’t know but we are poising ourselves and the results are in. In respects to proper nourishment algae, mushrooms, and many many other elements are just completely overlooked in most looks at food crisis.

      In the face of not just food crisis, but forestation crisis (which is also now) can I recommend honey? Bee farming, can help rejuvenate the earth, is easy to do and produces lots of honey that can help sustain healthy life.

      More Insanity

      (3) The nutritional and human health crisis often times has a lot to do with the lack of diversity in diet. Lack of knowledge and simple tools for cleaning water, and consuming a diversity of elements, is largely responsible for malnutrition deaths in poor areas. If a human only consumes a few things, they are not consuming sufficiently whereas several cultures do exactly that and interestingly have done for a long time. Something that really shows have strong the human organism really is, to be able to sustain generations on inadequate and insufficient eating.

      To act like humans could possibly run out of food on this earth, is ludicrous. People can simply become nomadic, leave the cities and eat from the Garden of Eden. This is the only way to be free.

      To discuss population control, global warming, climate change, food crisis, is to be somewhat of a human monkey, that lacks imagination, vision and the intelligence to see our race progressively advance in a healthy way.

      I am committed to continue working to working on the Nutritional Diversity Answer to human health and frankly harmful human codependency issues that stand in way of our natural human cultural progression.