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What incredible timing, and with the extension and all!

Small fisheries are a great solution to issues surrounding general poverty, food supply, special preservation, and fertilization of permaculture. 

Also what a pleasure to see the statement as bold as "2020 The Year of Artisanal Aquaculture & Fisheries," to fuel the science into a great movement.

Especially in times of serious flu scare amidst the COVID-19 emergence. After reading all related material, I still can't stop thinking of the plethora of herbal solutions that are passed on and never even mentioned. Immunity and robust strong immune systems should be the primary focus. I would think. But that is me.

1. Defining progress towards securing sustainable small-scale fisheries

Sustainable living systems all by themselves feature so many benefits it would be foolish for an impoverished person to ignore. Yet, I would say it is the main reason we are still so far out of balance and more of these systems are not in play.

The second reason this concept is will be hard to achieve is government policy.

Jokingly we can say both the stupid people and the government policy have to go.

2. Meaningful and feasible indicators: How can we measure progress?

When people get into stuff like this, they get into it, I have noticed learning from one another in farming usually runs pretty well. With the internet, even better such as here.

3. Participatory monitoring: Key elements and experiences.

Same answer as to #2. Maybe an app that is can help keep data including fish populations census.

I would like to work more on the small fishery idea myself.

I think now knowing 2022 will be the world year for it I am motivated to get in the groove!

The only thing that makes it more motivating is considering the idea that your hand would be in a bit of karmic reforestation.

I think this also a great addition to the Poverty Nexus work a few months back.

Considering what is happening to our waters everywhere, I am very thankful for your focus on this as a committee!

Some sort of marketing for this 2022 Small Fisheries campaign could be really motivating also.

A Decade of Farming for Families is also an excellent motivation for the next 9 years of concentrated family farming.

As they say when I was growing up " Rock & Roll." They also said, "take it easy."