Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

As we continue with the discussions of how to fight overweight and obesity ,there is the truth by World Health Organisation that  many parts of Africa are best known for appealing for charity to combat famine and  looking at the views of the situation we are already facing an obesity epidemic.In their research they also mention that 12,7% African children will be overweight by 2020. My own analysis is that the percentage will be higher that what they are expecting. The reason being that already many young children are already affected by heart diseases,High Blood Pressure, Asthma and many other related diseases due to obesity.Secondly we are witnessing that children lake much attention by their mothers especially those who are employed as the children spend much time in the care of other people and the childcare quality may be substantially different.There is an increase of School Feeding programs in most of our countries.I also noticed that in all the decision making processes there are few or no women representatives to effect and assess the impact of any changes.Just to keep us reminded that we have changed in diet from traditional nutritious foods to high calories fast foods staples because weight is viewed as a sign of happiness.Another effect is for employed women who are obesity as there is they experience customer discrimination.

There are so many challenges faced due to overweight and obesity which already seems to divide the communities.Just to mention a few of my thoughts on what policies should be put into place.Governments should prevent companies that produce and sell  unhealthy products.It is difficult for someone obesity to get medical care as the medical costs are high and so we appeal the responsible Ministries to put into place a policy that benefits all the rich and the poor.Women should be involved in all decision making processes.We need  a policy that determines and monitor the type of food stuffs to be on the markets. Food and drinks high in fat and sugar should be taxed.If possible fast foods should be banned and looking at the increase of food sold at schools, there is need to regulate these meals