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Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

Role of ensuring sustainable natural resources management

Trees, vegetation and bees are natural resources in our Zimbabwean environment. The environment if managed well will offer some social and economic benefits to human beings thereby eradicating poverty. Bees do well in the forests and beekeeping in some areas of Zimbabwe has been used by some associations as a tool to prevent fires. Fires destroy bees and other organisms, destroy vegetation, destroy the top soil in the forests and expose the soil to all agents of erosion. Once soil is washed into the rivers and streams water quality becomes in poor and flow is disturbed by the accumulation of silt deposits. Once the environment is destroyed life of flora and fauna is threatened. The dying of bees means there will be no honey to be realized and food security is threatened as pollinators will be not available. The absence of vegetation means there is no bee fodder to make honey from. A sustainable management of natural resources creates an environment where human beings can realize social and economic benefits that improves their well-being.

I have noticed during my visits to some areas that fires are tempered with and caused destruction of natural resources. I have also noticed that forests that are protected well are safe from fires and deforestation. See attached pictures that support my contribution.

From Robert Mutisi.

Working for Manica Boards and Doors and  team leader of Working for Bees team.