Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

Dear All,

Thank you to you all for sharing your stories (and stories of youth that you know) in agriculture and for highlighting the issues/questions that you would what to be considered/addressed at the Rwanda Youth Conference.

I want to hear more about major achievements and success stories by youth in your countries. Here is a question that I have re-phrased to elicit more information:

  • Do you have (or are you aware of any) youth role models in agriculture in your countries? Who are they? What have they done or are doing to serve as role models to other youth who want to engage in agriculture?

Based on the contributions of the following colleagues, I have questions for them:

  • Fredrick O Ogutu (Kenya): you indicated that your organization has have many successful businesses (by youth that you have trained) in peanut, spices, fruits and vegetables etc. Can you elaborate on one of the success stories or possibly request the youth that you have trained to share their story?
  • Mamadou Djemory Diabate (Côte d'Ivoire) - are you aware of any youth that have graduated from your school or college who have continued in agriculture? Any success stories, in agriculture, among your graduates?
  • Aklilu Nigussie (Ethiopia): are you aware of youth in agriculture that have adopted any of the technologies that you and your colleagues have developed at the Ethiopian Institutes of Agricultural Research? If yes, would say that they are doing well in their work?
  • Lazarous Ng`ambi (Zambia): you say that you want to go into agriculture. What are you currently involved in or doing? Specifically, what do you want to focus on in agriculture?
  • Makhosi Mahlangu (Italy): you have a very good initiative in place. Are you also planning to engage other youth, especially those in agriculture, in Africa in your activities to also empower them?
  • Chonyui Duna (Cameroon): based on your experience in agriculture, what would you want the Rwanda Youth Conference to do that would help you and other youth to achieve your/their greatest wish?
  • Ernestine Umuhoza (Rwanda): in your view, how should youth in Africa be involved in agriculture?
  • Baboucarr Kebbeh (Gambia): out of the over 200 youth enterprises that are members of the Youth Chamber of Commerce, how many (or percentage) would you say are associated with agriculture?


Justin Chisenga

Lead Facilitator