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Where to start...

Those 9 articles do not teach us anything really new...

Not only are they not conclusive on the actual contribution of eggs to nutrition (what can be attributed to eggs vs. what can be attributed to SBCC?), they also show that egg production, unless done in an extensive manner, cannot really lead to cheap egg production, therefore to easy access for the poorest. This is rather convenient when the main partner for this discussion is one of the biggest lobby firm for the egg (and animal exploitation for food) industry.

Unfortunately, there is not much about animal welfare and on the trade off that the production of eggs on an industrial basis would mean for not only the environment but also for health. Let's not forgot the many scandals plegging the egg industry around the world and the number of people getting sick because of the need to produce always more.

Click on the link to the Canada International Egg Commission and check all their members... it is very telling on how eggs production need to make checking and their eggs (babies) a commodity that is fed with antibiotic and kept from seeing the light of day. Is this the model we want for Africa? Is this the model we want at all?

We can agree that egg provide important nutrients, but those can be found in many other non-animal based products that respect animals and the environment (to the exception of the B12 vitamin). So the real question here, knowing that eggs can only be made available to the masses through industrialisation and commoditization of animals, do we really need eggs to fight hunger and malnutrition? Really?