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Eggs of hen,duck and quil are common in the diet of middle and above middle class people.Eggs are classified under non-vegetarian food.An egg a day is a desirable food item.The recent propaganda against poultry egg especially the red portion is quite discouraging.Consumption of egg will lead to increase in bad cholestrol and may fascilitate cardio-vascular diseases.In 2013 Government of India passed the National Food Security Bill , which made access to food a legal right of the people.In states like Tamil Nadu, one egg was was included in the mid day meal scheme.The apprehension of people on use of poultry egg and heart diseases needs to be removed by educational tools.Recently I edited a book ZERO HUNGER INDIA:POLICIES AND PROGRAMMES published by Brillion Publishing New Delhi([email protected]) carries roles of fish,animal meat etc on NUTRITION SECURITY.