Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

Prof. Yixin Xu

Southwest University of Political Science and Law

Regarding the certification schemes for sustainable agricultural products and supply chains, the draft may also consider adding more clarifications and details. Several separate places mentioned relevant concepts very briefly: para. 2.26. ‘certification providers’ (p. 30), para. 2.56 ‘certification schemes’ (p. 36), para. 3.112 ‘private standards and multi-stakeholder certification schemes’ (p. 74), para. 3.122 ‘private certification schemes’ (p. 77), para. 3.150, ‘certification bodies, which may be public or private entities’ (p. 82). It may be stronger to provide a clear definition at the beginning and explain a bit more about how these certification schemes operate and specific rights and responsibilities that need to be agreed on in the land investment contracts.