Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum)

In drylands under arid and semiarid climates, globally there is problems of (1) food security and (2) malnutrition. The soils in these climates are under severe threats. These soils are low in organic matter, low soil fertility, and low water holding capacity etc. Sustainable soil management practices, which decrease soil degradation and increase soil fertility, increase nutrients, use efficiency, increase water use efficiency could reduce the problems of food security and malnutrition.  Any good practice, which increase the following, are important in these areas:

  1. Increase in soil organic matter
  2. increase in soil organic carbon
  3. increase in soil biodiversity
  4. increase in beneficial soil microorganism
  5. increase in water use efficiency
  6. increase nutrients use efficiency
  7. increase in below and above plant biomass
  8. increase leaf area index and crop growth rate
  9. increase in crop yield & its quality
  10. increase in growers income and decrease in costs of production etc.

Dr. Amanullah

Associate Professor of Agronomy

The University of Agriculture Peshawar