Foro Global sobre Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutrición (Foro FSN)


The identified CEEIs are crucial issues to sustainable food security and nutrition (FSN). Each issue is inevitably broad since any attempt to narrow down issues to specifics will amount to a litany of issues that could make the report verbose. However, I feel inequality and inequity in food systems could stand alone, although they were captured under some of the CEEIs.

Building resilience in food systems for sustainability is the goal of all the efforts that will be put into the system including this consultation.  This is why many of the CEEIs such as rural-urban continuum, climate change, conflicts the fragility issues featured prominently- seem like duplications. Revitalizing climate policies and infectious diseases are environmental issues which could be merged as such. Climate issues are not limited to policies alone but also other relevant issues were identified. The issue could be tagged Climate Change in food systems or Climate Change and infectious diseases challenging in food systems.

The drivers and trends identified as they are well captured


The following could be considered

Building resilient supply chains for FSN- The roles of research and innovations in building resilience need to be highlighted

Urban and peri-urban food systems- The need to capture rural in this heading in order to highlight issues of migration and agricultural employment for youth.

Conflicts and the fragility of food systems- Local conflict resolution strategies.

Revitalizing climate policies for FSN- reflect content in the title of the issue.

Recognizing the role and rights of food system workers- the roles of those working in the formal sector in the food systems at local levels are not covered.

Building a meaningful interface for diverse knowledges and practices for FSN- The need to highlight information management and how food systems actors could benefit from digitization.

Emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases challenging FSN. The need to address what know about infectious diseases and preventing them.