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Mr. Richard Sam

Organization: Sustainable Development Institute
Country: Liberia
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National, regional, and international forest governance and management, land rights in Liberia, policies, laws, and standards, human rights, climate change mitigation, adaptation, finance, and partnership under the Green Livelihood Alliance, Forest for a Just Future program.

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    • Dear Mr. Karki, 

      I appreciate all of you allowing me to participate in this online discussion on transformative food system. Also, thanks to the many contributors for the meaningful inputs. 

      For a successful transformative food system, it must address the issues of large-scale land grabs by multinational companies. The project should seek to strengthen customary land rights and promote agro-ecology. The project needs to address competing land use for monoculture plantations such as (oil palm, rubber, etc.) and small-scale farmers and family farmers.  It is difficult to transform the food system when customary land rights are not respected and protected.

      Build or work in effective partnerships and collaborations. This is essential to ensure a transformative food system. Considering the multiple problems from climate change, and COVID-19, to conflict, diverse expertise is needed through a well-coordinated and concerted effort.