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    • Dear all,

      Thank you very much for your valuable contribution in "Towards Establishing an International Digital Council for Food and Agriculture", which will help us prepare a comprehensive Concept Note that considers the views and experiences of all relevant stakeholders. We will try our best to consolidate all your remarks and integrate into the final document.

      It's a great honor to work with you through an open-consultation and co-creation to establish an International Digital Council for Food and Agriculture which will enable us to face challenges and embrace opportunities in agri-food system, and ensure leaving no one behind in the digital age and contributing to achieve SDGs.

      The final Concept Note will be launched at next GFFA event in Berlin on January 16, 2020. We invite for your continuous support to this initiative.

      Again, thank you very much for your valuable contribution.

      Best regards,

      Samuel Varas, FAO
      Meng Zeng, FAO