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Ms. naghmeh mohamadiee

Organization: Golpakhsh sobhemrooz گلپخش صبح امروز
Country: Iran (Islamic Republic of)
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Food security
City food supply systems
Urban and domestic agriculture with the aim of food and organic products
Urban Agriculture Education
Planting in modular and narrow spaces of vertical and class planting
Home food production
Planting home-grown products and creating domestic employment

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      In the name of god

      In my opinion, one of the food supply solutions in the country is for food security, the production of advanced planting skills and at home, so that every citizen interested in planting vegetables and fruits, and buds tends to, and even in schools
      We have experienced that women are very much interested

      Healthy food and healthy food is one of the most basic and most important human needs, and this important is important because its impact will lead to healthy lives and healthy children, and eventually to future generations.
      If any person has a thorough understanding of the subject, the lack of reflection and death will give them the training needed to understand it so that others will understand it too.
      This is not just an experience or science, but an understanding of the facts that, along with the modern science of agriculture, must understand a concept. When we understand the subject with all its elements, then we will come to the consequences.
      I have a suggestion that could be implemented with the help of NGOs, FAO and the UN.
      Small Organic Greenhouses Organic Batch Bags & Carriers
      These packages include small household greenhouses with the following resources:
      Organic soil and fertilizers necessary for the growth of each plant
      2. Vermicompost
      3- Seeds of plants
      4- Small greenhouse with artificial light and automatic irrigation or osmosis
      5- Timer for different plants selected for planting
      6. Other items required

      If you make these packages at the right price and give the people you want, we will take advantage of it:
      1. Save time
      2- Save water
      3. Save the place and soil
      4. Energy saving
      5. All people in the community will share in the plant nutrition needed by the body and at least in life, and anyone who wants to earn money can grow more in these greenhouses and earn sales.
      6- Creating training classes for the use and production of home-made herbs in modern and simple ways
      7- Manufacturing processes such as turning buds into children's chores and ...

                                                                                                                     April 21, 2019
                                                                                                                      Tehran – iran

                                                                                                            Naghmeh  Mohamadiee

                                                                                               golpakhsh sobhemrooz  Cooperative



      Greetings and respect
      It is argued that in order to provide education in the field of urban agriculture and to inform the food security and especially education in schools in Iran, we are planning to train on the national television of Iran, which we hope will be able to get executive approvals.

      Naghma Mohamadiee
      Golpakhs sobhemrooz co-

      Приветствую вас!

      Для того чтобы обеспечить обучение в области городского сельского хозяйства, а также информирование о продовольственной безопасности и, в особенности, обучение в школах в Иране, мы планируем образовательные программы на национальном телевидении Ирана, которые, как мы надеемся, будут одобрены руководством.


      Нагма Мохамадие

      Golpakhs sobhemrooz co-